This book is the result of many years of research and personal observations which the author, General Julio Alberto Lagos, made in the Patagonian region. He rightly feels that this region should be better known, especially by Argentines. Lagos’ approach to his subject is systematic, for he exposes the reader to its history and geography, and then suggests the need to exploit its potential richness, which has been overlooked for more than four centuries. In effect he criticizes the present and previous governments of his country for showing slight interest in this vast area which is literally unpopulated and is, therefore, considered worthless. In fact, he argues, these lands contain everything necessary to keep and develop an industrial complex which could become the greatest source of economic wealth in Argentina. Because the Argentine government has failed to stimulate Patagonian development, he suggests that it should attract private capital to exploit the region’s minerals, forests, waterfalls, natural harbors, and hundreds of thousands of grazing acres which could be used for agricultural purposes. In several of the nineteen chapters of this book the author gives a detailed description of these unexploited natural resources. Lagos concludes his study with fifteen specific recommendations regarding the future development of Patagonia.