Richard Henry Dana, Jr., famed author of Two Years Before the Mast, went to Cuba in 1859 for a brief visit. After returning from the island, Dana completed a short travelogue of his experiences entitled To Cuba and Back. Dana’s narration takes the reader from one end of the island to the other with discussions of climate, topography, and inhabitants along the way. The most interesting sections of the book are Dana’s description of the sugar cycle and his summation, which touches on such topics as foreign residents, the political conditions, religion, and slavery. He prophesies that if Spain cannot maintain her hold on the island, another nation will gain control of it, but he incisively predicts that Cuba will be no blessing to the new conqueror: “Whoever takes her is more likely to find in her a key to Pandora’s box” (page 133). The present edition adds a short introduction and makes several minor changes such as reconstructing the table of contents and chapter headings.