Los encantadores de serpientes, or The Snake Charmers in English, is the thirty-first book in the scintillating new Argentine series being published under the collection title of La Siringa by A. Peña Lillo. A prime sponsor of the “new look” in Argentine literary production, Peña Lillo, a Chilean by birth, is recognized in Buenos Aires as an ultramodernist author as well as a prominent publisher and editor. He is also well known for his efforts to expand the availability of literary works through the innovation of the microteca or street-corner kiosk specializing in the distribution of low-priced, attractive paperbacks by national authors. His La Siringa collection is designed expressly to bring focus by prominent Argentine authors upon political, historical, economic, and cultural aspects through inexpensive editions, in order to stimulate a greater degree of public interest in national problems. Los encantadores de serpientes is an excellent example of this new series. An essay tracing the origins, major phases, moving forces, and evolution of Argentina’s book publishing world, it is a useful, informative, lucid reference and a cultural background source for La Plata specialists.