The paperback revolution offers a dilemma like that of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice—an irreversible flood of titles that overwhelms readers in nearly every field. Works thus issued, particularly for popular consumption, tend to be ephemeral and go the way of last month’s magazines—an example is the excellent fictional The Crossbowman’s Story by George Millar—but, fortunately, the lesser number of purely scholarly books generally have a less transitory existence. Probably the best remedy for this ever-changing situation is to issue at frequent intervals title-lists such as the present bibliography of available works in varied disciplines of Latin American studies which, as the combined effort of the State Education Department of the University of the State of New York and the Hispanic Foundation of the Library of Congress, is relatively complete to December, 1963.

The usefulness of this compilation is considerably augmented by indications of place and date of hardback as well as of paperback editions, along with references to notices and reviews of listed titles, to all of which are added a list of publishers and their addresses, and an index. Hopefully the Hispanic Foundation will be able to continue this valuable service at regular intervals by offering supplementary listings in its Bibliographical Series.