In the past half-century Father Serafim Leite has written profusely on a variety of subjects. In 1932 he began to concentrate his research on Portuguese America in order to write a history of the Jesuits in Brazil. Since that time he has published some of the most important and informative articles and books on colonial Brazil. His chief contribution remains the monumental, ten-volume História da Companhia de Jesus no Brasil (1938-1950). As this handy and useful bibliography points out, he also has written many other books and articles on Brazilian and Portuguese history.

Indeed, it would be difficult to study the social, cultural, or religious history of colonial Brazil without consulting Leite’s works—frequently. An indefatigable researcher, he based his studies on primary sources and over the decades has facilitated the work of other historians by publishing and annotating valuable documents. I need only cite his excellent editions of the sixteenth-century Jesuit letters for which all historians of Brazil are grateful.

This carefully compiled bibliography of Leite’s historical work, published to celebrate his seventieth birthday in 1960 and to commemorate his fiftieth anniversary as an author in 1962, is a valuable guide for the study of the history of colonial Brazil. The index adds measurably to the usefulness of this bibliography.