Lacking in documentation, in unity and continuity, this book is of limited academic value. Positing the belief that the university fulfills its proper function when it guides the nation, the author proposes to contribute to this goal by calling attention to national and regional problem areas. He broadly outlines the rôle of government and the responsibility of the governed within the framework of national constitutional provisions. Such topics as the importance of constitutional guarantees, the proper concern of government to popular demands, the relationship between government and labor, the admonition that justice should prevail throughout the land, the need for new employment opportunities, the reaffirmation of municipal autonomy, freedom of the press, the merits of the free school textbook program, and so on, are discussed separately and related to the national constitution. Appropriately, the book is dedicated to the incoming governor of the state of Coahuila and to the majority party’s presidential candidate in 1964. At best the author presents problem areas which he feels require the continuing attention of responsible government in Mexico.