This is really a corrected and enlarged version of the author’s 1956 book entitled Sangre en la historia. It referred to Bolivian history and this new book also means bloody pages in the history of Bolivia. It applies to such cases as the various assassinations or lynchings of Bolivian presidents (Belzú, Córdova, Blanco, Melgarejo, Morales, Pando, Busch, and Villarroel). Córdova, Melgarejo, and Pando were assassinated or lynched when enjoying the peaceful status of ex-president. The violent deaths of these eight presidents make eight out of fifteen chapters of this book. The others describe other episodes of violence—some of them of recent decades.

The author is modest; in his introduction he does not claim to be a historian, just someone who has gathered a little data and developed and summarized it. It is a useful book, readable, and written with a restrained dignity and a welcome impartiality.