Obeying a royal cédula against living among the natives, some fifty Spanish families were moved to a new colony within the boundaries of the alcaldía mayor of San Salvador in the year 1635. On December 25 the little village was formally established and given the name of San Vicente de Lorenzana. The name appears to have been derived from the Spanish lineage of Álvaro Quiñónez, President of the Audiencia of Guatemala and the man most significant in encouraging the early growth of the town.

To celebrate the 300th birthday of San Vicente, Biografías was published in 1935 by El Salvador’s Academy of History to help perpetuate interest in local history. Several authors, many of whom are members of the Academy, participated in sketching the lives of twenty-eight vicentinos, colonial and modern. In addition, forty-plus lesser known native sons received a few lines in a separate section of the book.

In 1962 the collection was reprinted to conform with the style of the series of historical publications regularly coming from the offices of the Salvadorean Ministry of Education.

The major change in content was the addition in 1962 of a biography of Dr. Sarbelio Navarrete, distinguished poet, educator, and jurist, who had died subsequent to the first printing.

The new volume’s appendix includes a summary of the place of San Vicente in Central American history and an astonishingly long listing of the more than one hundred men who served as El Salvador’s chief of state between 1821 and 1935.

Certainly only a few readers of the HAHR will have occasion to read this book, but for those few Biografías should prove very handy.