In his fifty page introduction Carlos J. Sierra points out that he has compiled various memorials honoring Juárez on the anniversary of his death, 1872-1910. Such outstanding men as Justo Sierra, María Vigil, Manuel Sánchez Mármol, Juan A. Mateos, Gustavo Baz, Agustín Aragón, and others wrote these memorials to Juárez. It is interesting to note that no great amount of space or attention was given to Juárez in the immediate period after his death. It was not until 1887 that Mexico started honoring Juárez with a well planned program. But the conservative press made little or no mention of Juárez on the anniversary of his death.

In the speeches and editorials selected by Sierra there are certain consistent themes: Juárez, the great social reformer and the man who brought progress to Mexico; Juárez, the leader of his people against the French; Juárez, the leader who placed limitations on the powers of the clergy; and the place Juárez holds in history. All the dedications are flowery but they do indeed honor a great man.