This is a delightful little book with good illustrations and excellent editing. It is done mostly in honor of Isaiah Bowman who in 1924 published Desert Trails of Atacama. The author, a personal friend of Dr. Bowman and with long residence in the Atacama and in adjacent Bolivia, tries in this booklet to compare the Atacama of Bowman’s time with the Atacama of today. He does a beautiful job. The Atacama here described does not include the area north of Iquique. Basically he describes the province of Antofagasta. He follows the Bowman division of the “Desert of Atacama” of lower altitudes and the “Puna of Atacama” of the high plateaus. The climate, trails, railroads, history, towns and villages, agriculture, water resources and other items are discussed. There is not much scholarship to the booklet but it is muy simpático and it has a certain thoroughness. It is not promotional. It is basic to Atacama research.