Hugo Rodríguez-Alcalá, Professor of Romance Languages at the University of Washington, demonstrates clearly in these collected essays the keen perception of literary values, comprehension of important philosophical questions, and remarkable intellectual versatility which have already earned the respect of colleagues who know his work.

Students of philosophy will appreciate his illuminating essays on José Ferrater Mora and Alejandro Korn, and his penetrating study on the existentialism of Sartre and of Ortega y Gasset is outstanding.

Although historiographers in this country will find little or nothing new in the essay on Carl Becker, the explanation and appraisal of Becker’s approach will prove interesting and valuable to Spanish American scholars.

The essay on antithesis in Los de abajo serves as a model of the explication de texte technique applied to a major work of modern Mexican fiction and throws more light on the literary qualities of a novel which, like many other Spanish American novels of this century, needs precisely this kind of thorough, intelligent, critical appraisal. His contribution to knowledge of Francisco de Ayala is equally valuable.