This collection of essays and speeches is rather tragic since the author has been out-guessed by events since they were published. Florit, until recently on the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the administration of Frondizi, is a nationalist. His theme may be summed up in the eternal Argentine nationalist viewpoint that Argentina has been and must continue to be the arbitrator of Latin American problems, “tanto por su prestigio en Latinomérica, como por su propia ubicación político-económica.” One wonders whether diplomats like Florit ever talk to other people when they attend the numerous international assemblies they so proudly put on their curriculum vitae. Several of the articles are quite unintelligible, and what the articles on “Brasilia” and “El Triunfo de Jânio Quadros” are doing in the collection is a mystery. It is ironic to say the least that this book was published in a collection called “Día Venidero.”