This eighth inventory of the maize races of the Americas constitutes a preliminary but useful classification of the 19 maize races found in Chile over a distance of some 1600 miles and at altitudes ranging from 25 ft. above sea level to 11,700 ft.

Included in this study are résumés of the climate, geography, natural vegetation, and agricultural practices as related to maize cultivation by the indigenous peoples of the past and by those living in the same regions of Chile, today.

Included, also, for those without ready access to the earlier inventories, is a complete description of the characters used in classifying maize. For clarification of race differences, ear photos, cross-section, ear diagrams, internode diagrams, and distribution maps are given, accompanying the descriptions of the races, and chromosome numbers and positions are indicated for each of the 19 races. Ten tables of data are presented, as well as an interesting bibliography.