Sante Uberto Barbieri, the author of this book, is a bishop of the Methodist Church in Argentina, pastor, seminary professor, magazine editor, author of numerous books and one of the presidents of the World Council of Churches. His varied talents and his wide experiences in Latin America eminently qualify him to write this book.

With the rhythm of historic development, it begins with the search for gold by the Spanish conquerors, moving on to the subjugation of vast empires with millions of Indians, the coming of the friar and the transplantation of Spanish and Portuguese culture to the New World. The story continues through the dramatic overthrow of colonial rule in the early part of the nineteenth century. The human spirit, however, was not free even with political independence. Something more was needed.

From small beginnings the Protestant movement, in spite of its inherent weaknesses and divisions, has developed with amazing rapidity in recent years.

The author has described the contribution which this movement is making in a most critical period in the history of Latin America.