In a past issue of this volume of the HAHR I reviewed the Foro político sobre economía boliviana. This was no. 2 of a new series called Dinámica Económica published by the Facultad de Ciencias Económicas of the University of San Andrés of La Paz. The third work of this series has now been published, on the past, present, and future of Bolivian petroleum. Three professors, one representative of the Fascist Falange (FSB), another of the Communist Party, and a spokesman for the workers of the petroleum union present essays in this volume.

It provides plenty of food for thought, discussion and rebate. It is most disappointing to realize that five of the six men exhibit ridiculous prejudices. (Professor Luis Guillermo Clavel presents a solely technical discussion, pp. 20-33.) To each of them the American oil companies are terrible monsters that have a lust for complete world power. Some statements are both ridiculous and childish. Professor Justiano from Santa Cruz states that Rockefeller was responsible for making Eisenhower president! In order to do this he made him first president of Columbia University because Columbia University is the creation and tool of Standard Oil of New Jersey. Once brainwashed, Eisenhower was nominated for the presidency; not yet satisfied, Standard Oil gave him one of its men, Richard Nixon, as vice-president (p. 74). Such fantastic statements appear frequently in the publication. One is amazed at the complete ignorance of United States history by the Bolivian scholars. It is worth reading.