This is the fourth volume in the Encuesta Política: Mexico Series resulting from conferences held in 1970-71 at the University of Texas, Austin, to study the Mexican political system. Lic. Miguel Alemán, the controversial president of Mexico from 1946-1952, chose the question-and-answer form for his presentation. This book presents the questions by the participants, basically University of Texas professors and a few outsiders including Daniel Cosío Villegas, and the answers by Alemán. It is divided into four parts: the history of the Mexican political system, the structure and functioning of the system, current problems and future perspectives.

This is not a book about Alemán, nor his period as president, rather it is about his views of the Mexican political system. It does provide, however, some glimpses of his administration’s resolution of political and economic problems. Alemán is a strong defender of the system. The most useful chapter is that in which he interprets its functioning structure. His answers to questions on current and future problems are sometimes evasive and tend to adhere to the government’s position.

This book should be read by students of the Mexican political system. Although they will find little new, it does provide insight through Alemán’s interpretation. Unfortunately, the Spanish text will limit readership.