This book is part of a Praeger series of introductions to the countries of the world. As such, it is geared to the general reader who has no knowledge of Bolivia. Viewed in that light, it is an excellent little book that performs its function well; it gives a general overview and should whet appetites to dig deeper into the literature of Bolivia. The book deals with geography, demography, recent and past history, culture and politics. Its author is one of the most knowledgeable North Americans on many aspects of Bolivia and he has combined book knowledge with extensive personal experience to produce a tight and provocative essay. The work has the added attraction of being written very well in a style that convincingly gives the reader a taste of the flavor and color of Bolivian culture. In my view, the author does a better job when dealing with geography, past history and culture than he does with recent politics. With regard to the latter, he tends to be judgmental and argumentative. These qualities are not objectionable in themselves, but a book of this nature does not provide the opportunity to present the detailed evidence and analysis necessary to support many views which are to say the least debatable.