This little book was prepared as a prologue of a new edition of Juan de Solórzano’s famous work to be published by the Fondo de Cultura Económica of Mexico. But the authors, two distinguished students of the “derecho indiano,” decided to bring it out separately, as the publication of the longer work seems to have been postponed. The first part of their book contains a biographical sketch of Solórzano, not very easy to write, as rather little is known about his life. Furthermore, what we know is not very exciting.

In the second part, the authors present the contents of Política indiana, on the whole following Solórzano’s own disposition. This presentation is well balanced and knowledgeable but not overly analytical. Probably they left most of their critical comments for the footnotes of the forthcoming edition. In the present book the reader cannot even find a clear statement on the relationship between Política indiana (1648) and the earlier Latin version, De indiarum iure (I, 1629; II, 1639). In certain cases the evolution of Solórzano’s thought may be followed even beyond the Latin version as shown by G. Lohmann Villena (in Anuario de Estudios Americanos, VII, 1950, 255-277) with regard to the mita minera. The book concludes with a bibliography of Solórzano’s works. It might have been supplemented with another bibliography listing studies of interest on Política indiana, as its footnotes are not exhaustive. The book reviewed here will certainly be of great use for quick reference as a summary of Solórzano’s famous work. More important, it will remind the serious scholar of how badly we need the new, critical edition of Solórzano’s own text.