Bolivia, by Augusto Céspedes, is one of a series of brief guides to Latin American countries published by the Pan American Union. Basic information is given on Bolivian geography, history, social and political organization, transportation, culture, and economy. The presentation is divided into two parts; the first is by Céspedes and is in narrative form, while the second consists of statistics and short summary statements by the Pan American Union. Both sections cover similar topics, and there is some repetition as a result. Much better use of limited space probably could have been made by bringing together the materials in the two parts of the book.

Céspedes describes the different regions and the main cities of Bolivia and provides a good review of Bolivian history from Tiahuanaco to the Movimiento Nacionalista Revolucionario. The second section stresses population and economic data and includes ten good photographs and four sketch maps. There is also a seven page bibliography which, while lengthy, omits important references on Bolivia. Only items in Spanish are listed, possibly because the book, written in Spanish, is primarily intended for Bolivians and other Latin Americans.

The careful reader will detect some errors, such as the date of the founding of the town of Trinidad in the Beni (1687, not 1556), but, for the most part, this booklet is a useful, concise, and up-to-date summation of facts about Bolivia.