Attention should be called to this first-rate publication. More than one-third of the hurricanes described blew over sea and land claimed and occupied by Spain. Therefore this publication is a valued addition to Latin American history. While there have been some books and essays dealing with hurricanes (all cited in the bibliography and notes) most have dealt with “the human interest story.” This publication is more technical—but still very readable—and has as its goal “adequate meteorological descriptions of individual hurricanes [and to] supply a critical chronology of occurrences.” Those who have dealt with the Conquest in the Spanish Southeast and in Texas (and indeed its later history) know that hurricanes have been an important factor. This book is praiseworthy and its scholarship sound. But one must say that documents from Spanish and Spanish American archives have not been used. Maybe the topic was too vast in number of hurricanes and in chronology. Anyhow this book is a new vital source.