This is the first publication effort of the newly-organized Inter-American Program for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences in the Caribbean Area, organized by Mexico’s anthropologist, Angel Palerm, as part of the Institute of Caribbean Studies, directed by Richard M. Morse at the University of Puerto Rico.

An informative foreword by Professor Morse is followed by twelve articles: in Spanish (5), English (5), and French (2). The complete founding Acuerdo de Cooperación between the OAS and the University of Puerto Rico is included. The collection is diverse; one study is on geology of the Caribbean, four on historical topics, one on Africanisms, and the rest are essays of contemporary interest. The research articles are excellent, while only time can evaluate the essays.

The Número especial sobre el Caribe is a welcome companion to regional studies at the University of Florida and the University College of the West Indies as the University of Puerto Rico joins these in advanced studies of the Caribbean.