In November 2015, the HAHR editorial team established an annual prize for the best book review published in the journal. This funded prize recognizes, in general, the very important ways that peer reviewing of books contributes to our profession. The editors will name each year an ad hoc committee to evaluate the reviews published in the immediately past volume of the journal and select the winner, based on the criteria of

  1. accurately summarizing the book's contents and main arguments with a fair assessment of the book's strengths and weaknesses;

  2. innovative recommendations within a broad historiographical contextualization;

  3. clarity and elegance of the reviewer's writing style.

The journal is happy to congratulate Miguel La Serna as the winner of HAHR's book review prize, for the review of Acting Inca: National Belonging in Early Twentieth-Century Bolivia by E. Gabrielle Kuenzli, published in Hispanic American Historical Review vol. 96, no. 2. The prize...

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