This article explores the history of Chilean exiles in Cuba and their role in early resistance to the Chilean dictatorship between 1973 and 1977. From the perspective of the Chilean exile–led Comité Chileno de Solidaridad con la Resistencia Antifascista in Havana, the essay also examines Cuba's support for resistance efforts. This involved not immediate training for armed insurgency in Chile but rather broader support for solidarity work. Indeed, the Cuban government and the Chilean exiles whom it supported were essential conduits for translating global activism into concrete resistance. They did this via the clandestine distribution of funds to Chile, human rights campaigns at the United Nations to isolate the Chilean dictatorship, and efforts to undermine US-Chilean bilateral relations. Simultaneously, Chilean left-wing parties had to come to terms with defeat and devise strategies for the future. These were bleak years, but they were essential precursors for later opposition to the dictatorship.

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