After analyzing the noticeable status of Latin America as a region of “developing countries in perpetuity” (p. 13), primarily due to its constant social, structural, and political problems, Peter Waldmann, driven by a strong interest in exploring through historical and sociological study the upper-class families of Latin America, wrote his most recent work, Oligarquía en América Latina: Redes familiares dominantes en el siglo XIX e inicios del XX.

Throughout this work, Waldmann faces significant challenges that historians often encounter, such as lack of sources, gaps in information in their case studies, ongoing debates, and nuances within the information obtained in the theoretical and methodological realm, among others. Despite the aforementioned limitations, the author manages to support his writing with sufficient sources and maintains consistency in his arguments and methodology throughout the text.

The author also employs specific terminology and concepts to rigorously argue the main points of this work....

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