Debanuj DasGupta is assistant professor of feminist studies at University of California, Santa Barbara. Debanuj's research and teaching focus on racialized regulation of space, immigration detention, queer migrations, and the global governance of migration, sexuality, and HIV.

Diego Galdo-González is a research master's student in the social sciences at the University of Amsterdam. His research interests lie at the intersection of sexual history, sexual cultures, and urban studies in Lima, Perú. He also works as a junior lecturer at the University of Amsterdam and coordinates the Amsterdam Research Centre for Gender and Sexuality.

Ila Nagar is associate professor of South Asian languages and cultures at The Ohio State University. Nagar's research and teaching focus on South Asian cultures and topics in sociolinguistics situated at the nexus of language, politics, sexuality, power, and meaning.

Renugan Raidoo is a lecturer in social anthropology at Harvard University. His current research focuses on race,...

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