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Submission Guidelines

Genre is always looking for exciting, sophisticated essays on topics involving literary or cultural artifacts, the disciplines that study them, and the modes of understanding and analysis to which they give rise. For more detailed information about our publication policy, or if you are uncertain whether your essay is appropriate for Genre or not, please contact the editors.

Printed manuscripts, submitted in triplicate and accompanied by return postage, should follow the seventeenth edition of The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS), with notes placed after the text. Genre uses author-date citations corresponding to reference lists. Critical articles should not exceed 10,000 words, and noncommissioned book reviews should not exceed 2,500 words. All correspondence should be addressed to the editors.

Manuscripts submitted as email attachments should also follow the CMS format and the length limits noted above. Such submissions should be sent to the general Genre email address,, accompanied by a cover message containing institutional or other scholarly affiliation as well as a postal address. If we encounter any difficulty in accessing your file attachment, we will contact you via email and attempt to correct any incompatibility problems so that your file can be read. If compatibility issues cannot be resolved via email, we reserve the right to request print submission of the manuscript.

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