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Journal Article
Ethnohistory (2012) 59 (1): 202–205.
Published: 01 January 2012
...Donna J. Nash The First New Chronicle and Good Government: On the History of the World and the Incas up to 1615 . By de Ayala Felipe Guaman Poma . Translated and edited by Hamilton Roland . ( Austin : University of Texas Press , 2009 . xxiv + 363 pp., foreword, introduction...
Journal Article
Ethnohistory (2007) 54 (1): 218–219.
Published: 01 January 2007
...Isabel Yaya The Jesuit and the Incas: The Extraordinary Life of Padre Blas Valera, S.J. By Sabine Hyland. (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2003. xii + 269 pp., contents, illustrations, introduction, appendixes, references, index. $30.00 cloth.) American Society for Ethnohistory...
Journal Article
Ethnohistory (2008) 55 (1): 153–162.
Published: 01 January 2008
...Kris Lane Copyright 2008 by American Society for Ethnohistory 2008 Review Essay “Colonial Incas, A–Z” Kris Lane, College of William and Mary Titu Cusi: A Sixteenth-Century Account of the Conquest. Edited and translated by Nicole Delia Legnani. (Cambridge: DRCLAS...
Journal Article
Ethnohistory (2001) 48 (4): 769–771.
Published: 01 October 2001
... of memorable characters and themes even more vivid. It is an accessible and informative ethnography that should appeal to scholarly 6498 Ethnohistory 48:4 / sheet 215 of 228 and general readers alike. The Shape of Inca History...
Journal Article
Ethnohistory (2002) 49 (3): 611–649.
Published: 01 July 2002
...David Cahill The article analyzes a religious procession held in the city of Cuzco in 1692. It was remarkable for its Incaic symbolism, for the presence of representatives of all the lineage groups of the colonial Inca nobility, and for the insight it provides into the composition of, and tensions...
Journal Article
Ethnohistory (2009) 56 (2): 349–351.
Published: 01 April 2009
... (University Park, PA, 2000). 2 Gerda Lerner, The Creation of Patriarchy (New York, 1986), 239. DOI 10.1215/00141801-2008-082 The Quito Manuscript: An Inca History Preserved by Fernando Montesi- nos. By Sabine Hyland. (New Haven, CT: Peabody Museum, Yale Univer- sity Publications in Anthropology...
Journal Article
Ethnohistory (2010) 57 (2): 342–345.
Published: 01 April 2010
... Book Reviews Domination without Dominance: Inca-Spanish Encounters in Early Colo- nial Peru. By Gonzalo Lamana. (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2008. xiii + 287 pp., about the series, table of contents, acknowledgments, intro- duction, maps, chronology, notes, glossary, bibliography...
Journal Article
Ethnohistory (2003) 50 (4): 765–767.
Published: 01 October 2003
..., and that is a great achievement in itself. Reading Inca History. By Catherine Julien. (Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2000. xi + 338 pp., acknowledgments, introduction, maps, bibliog- raphy, index. $49.95 cloth...
Journal Article
Ethnohistory (2005) 52 (3): 671–672.
Published: 01 July 2005
... and thought, a valuable contribution. Juan Ossio gives us a fascinating analysis of the transformation process of the pre-Hispanic Inca into the colonial Inkarrí and finally into the present-day religious leader and messiah Ezequiel Ataucusi. This account shows how history and reli- gion are invented...
Journal Article
Ethnohistory (2004) 51 (1): 101–135.
Published: 01 January 2004
...Dennis Ogburn This article analyzes the objectives and implications of the long-distance transport of building blocks in the Inca Empire. Recent research has demonstrated that the Incas transported building stones from Cuzco, Peru, to Saraguro, Ecuador, much as described by the Spanish chronicler...
Journal Article
Ethnohistory (2008) 55 (1): 51–85.
Published: 01 January 2008
...Isabel Yaya Among all the Inca sovereigns whose memory had been preserved by the Spanish chroniclers, Yahuar Huacac holds a unique position. He is famed for having shed tears of blood as a child when a foreign lord kidnapped and maltreated him. Surprisingly, his sufferings ended with matrimonial...
Journal Article
Ethnohistory (2011) 58 (3): 556–558.
Published: 01 July 2011
...Thomas Lyle Whigham In Search of an Inca: Identity and Utopia in the Andes . By Galindo Alberto Flores . Edited and translated by Aguirre Carlos , Walker Charles F. , and Hiatt Willie . ( Cambridge : Cambridge University Press , 2010 . xxix + 270 pp., editor's...
Journal Article
Ethnohistory (2008) 55 (2): 287–319.
Published: 01 April 2008
...Dennis E. Ogburn The processes of ethnogenesis in the Andes of the sixteenth century were structured by the different approaches to ethnic identities taken by the Inca and Spanish societies that dominated the region in succession. The Incas enforced boundaries and restricted transculturation...
Journal Article
Ethnohistory (2012) 59 (3): 663–664.
Published: 01 July 2012
...Sarahh Scher Gods of the Andes: An Early Jesuit Account of Inca Religion and Andean Christianity . By Hyland Sabine . ( University Park : Pennsylvania State University Press , 2011 . xi + 131 pp., preface, acknowledgments, map, appendix, glossary, works cited, index . $24.95 paper...
Journal Article
Ethnohistory (2020) 67 (4): 687–688.
Published: 01 October 2020
...Ryan A. Bean Nobles de papel: Identidades oscilantes y genealogías borrosas en los descendientes de la realeza Inca . By Rocío Quispe-Agnoli . ( Madrid : Iberoamericana-Vervuet , 2016 . 264 pp., prologue, introduction, epilogue, bibliography, appendices, index. $29.80 paperback...
Journal Article
Ethnohistory (2021) 68 (2): 361–362.
Published: 01 April 2021
...Zach Chase Voices from Vilcabamba: Accounts Chronicling the Fall of the Inca Empire . By Brian S. Bauer , Madeleine Halac-Higashimori , and Gabriel E. Cantarutti . ( Boulder : University Press of Colorado , 2016 . xi +235 pp., translations, figures, documents, references, index...
Journal Article
Ethnohistory (2010) 57 (1): 135–164.
Published: 01 January 2010
...Gary Urton What was the meaning, for Inca record keepers, of the knotted cord constructions they produced as administrative records for the Inca state? In particular, how did these administrators think about the knot constructions that (as we now understand) were used to sign numerical values...
Journal Article
Ethnohistory (2007) 54 (2): 303–335.
Published: 01 April 2007
...R. Alan Covey; Christina M. Elson Yucay was a royal estate in the Inca heartland built by provincial laborers for Huayna Capac, the penultimate ruler. Permanent retainers staffed the estate, maintaining a palace and leisure facilities for the emperor and providing material support for his family...
Journal Article
Ethnohistory (2007) 54 (2): 245–272.
Published: 01 April 2007
... tell about travel from the Pantanal west to the Inca frontier to raid or trade for metals and to free captives taken on previous trips. Those who have suggested that the “Land-without-Evil” explains the dispersal of Guaraní speakers to the foothills and lowlands just east of the Andes adhere...
Journal Article
Ethnohistory (2012) 59 (2): 293–321.
Published: 01 April 2012
... as a vestige of the glorious Inca race and a “scientific discovery” was materialized and evidenced through collected objects. Copyright 2012 by American Society for Ethnohistory 2012 References Arnold Bettina 1990 The Past as Propaganda: Totalitarian Archaeology in Nazi Germany . Antiquity...