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Current Issue
Volume 71,
Issue 2,
April 1, 2024

About the Journal

The journal of the American Society for Ethnohistory

Ethnohistory reflects the wide range of current scholarship inspired by anthropological and historical approaches to the human condition around the world, but with a particular emphasis on the Americas. Of particular interest are those analyses and interpretations that seek to make evident the experiences, organizations, and identities of indigenous, diasporic, and minority peoples that otherwise elude the histories and anthropologies of nations, states, and colonial empires. The journal welcomes a theoretical and cross-cultural discussion of ethnohistorical materials and publishes work from the disciplines of art history, geography, literature, archaeology, anthropology, and history, among others.


Denise I. Bossy, Robert C. Schwaller

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The Robert F. Heizer Article Award

This award was established in 1980 to honor Dr. Robert F. Heizer, ethnohistorian and archaeologist noted for his research in California and Mesoamerica and is awarded in recognition of the best article in the field of ethnohistory. All articles published in Ethnohistory are automatically nominated for this prize. Visit this site for information about this and other awards from the American Society for Ethnohistory. 

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