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Thom van Dooren (University of Sydney, Australia)
Elizabeth DeLoughrey (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)
Associate Editors:
Marco Armiero (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)
Cecilia Åsberg (Linköping University, Sweden)
Julie Doyle (University of Brighton, UK)
David Farrier (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Jamie Lorimer (University of Oxford, UK)
Salma Monani (Gettysburg College, USA)
Astrida Neimanis (University of Sydney, Australia)
Stephanie Postumus (McGill University, Canada)
Editors, Living Lexicon for the Environmental Humanities:
Emily O’Gorman (Macquarie University, Australia)
Kate Wright (University of New England, Australia)

Editorial Assistant:
Kristen Cardon

Editorial Advisory Board:
Marc Bekoff
Brett Buchanan
SueEllen Campbell
Dipesh Chakrabarty
Matthew Chrulew
Eileen Crist
Colin Dayan
Vinciane Despret
John Dryzek
Heather Goodall
Tom Griffiths
Donna Haraway
Paul G. Harris
James Hatley
Lesley Head
Ursula K. Heise
Stefan Helmreich
Dale Jamieson
Dolly Jørgensen
Eben Kirksey
Dominique Lestel
Yih-Ren Lin
Jamie Lorimer
Iain McCalman
Freya Mathews
Christof Mauch
Stephen Muecke
Gregg Mitman
Timothy Morton
Rob Nixon
Clare Palmer
Gísli Pálsson
Mark Pedelty
Fiona Probyn-Rapsey
Kate Rigby
Libby Robin
Deborah Bird Rose
Catriona Sandilands
David Schlosberg
Vandana Shiva
John Simons
Jonathan Skinner
Mick Smith
Scott Slovic
Sverker Sörlin
Bronislaw Szerszynski
Ted Toadvine
Anna Tsing
Paige West
Sarah Whatmore
Cary Wolfe
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