Debbie was a founding editor of this journal and a passionate and insightful proponent of the environmental humanities. She will be sorely missed by us all.

Trained as an anthropologist, over the course of her career Debbie made major contributions in a range of fields, from the environmental humanities and the anthropology of indigenous Australia to extinction studies, animal and multispecies studies, and the philosophies of ethics, justice, religion, temporality, and place. Across all of this work she consistently explored the way in which processes of colonization, modernization, and development produce ramifying patterns of unequal loss, destruction, disavowal, and death. Debbie published many widely read, cited, and often reprinted books, including Hidden Histories (1991), Dingo Makes Us Human (1992), Nourishing Terrains (1996), Country of the Heart (2002), Reports from a Wild Country (2004), and Wild Dog Dreaming (2011). At the time of her death she had just completed work on a final book, Shimmer, which explores the entangled lives and deaths of humans and flying foxes in Australia (forthcoming).