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Journal Article
English Language Notes (2012) 50 (1): 173–176.
Published: 01 March 2012
..., lit-up crystal ball, but instead o f s lid in g a coin in the slot, feed the fa ke-o-m eter a m em o ir, fax-m achine style, and it w ill spit out one o f eight cards, each w ith a suggestion fo r yo u r listening pleasure: CARD ONE This m e m o ir is fake. And so badly crafted that m any MFA students...
Journal Article
English Language Notes (2023) 61 (1): 22–29.
Published: 01 April 2023
... called the “quarantine specialist” may be used in the game, the idea of lockdown or quarantine is generally absent but for the temporary mechanic of one player. Vaccines are barely mentioned and are applied only to fight disease within the use of a single card. The game also focuses on the CDC...
Journal Article
English Language Notes (2008) 46 (1): 173.
Published: 01 March 2008
... have my dead, I have my cheese, give me daydreams, give me trees, pick a card, any card industrial revolution the fall once I everything we see we see is poison Lavender Sky Dear Mr. Fantasy Night and Sold Sold Sold Sky Like whiskey Lavender Sky English Language Notes 46.1 Spring / Summer 2008 ...
Journal Article
English Language Notes (2016) 54 (1): 59–75.
Published: 01 March 2016
... complex relation­ ships among different portions of an expanding array of individual myth stories; to collate and compare those parts on index cards, to reorganize the relations of those cards onto two dimensional charts, whose variations can best be glimpsed by rearranging the charts into three...
Journal Article
English Language Notes (2000) 38 (1): 73–79.
Published: 01 September 2000
... one at a ju n k shop it is sure to be defective an d the great charm of owning such a screen lies in patching it u p yourself. You can use coloured reproductions from art magazines, Christmas cards, 76 English Language Notes postcards, advertisem ents, bookjackets, even cigarette cards. T h ere...
Journal Article
English Language Notes (2019) 57 (2): 133–142.
Published: 01 October 2019
... hair is being cut, reproduces the earlier game of war played through the card game ombre. Unable to assimilate that original trauma, Belinda reengages the circumstances of the first. Even more significantly, this final dispossession—the celebrated act of poetic creation—transforms what Dominick LaCapra...
Journal Article
English Language Notes (2010) 48 (1): 49–63.
Published: 01 March 2010
... any dram as that stage an initial m isrecognition o f virtue, such as The Law o f Life and The Party Card (Pyr'ev, P a rtiin yi billet, 1936), a m p lify the pathos o f th e ir fe m a le heroine's deception at the hands o f a two-faced male villain th rough dram atic irony. As the un su spe ctin g...
Journal Article
English Language Notes (2014) 52 (1): 126–128.
Published: 01 March 2014
... painted slum landlord houses used to be; Bruce Barber's house south o f Jubilee; my dentist's office; turning onto Spring Garden; the old Oxfam shop that used to sell my sister's greeting cards; the Convent of the Sacred Heart, the apartm ent building I used to live in (with Sm itty's on the ground floor...
Journal Article
English Language Notes (2018) 56 (2): 25–27.
Published: 01 October 2018
... the relative un importance of being documented: when other objects mean much more to someone than a visa, a passport, or a green card; when the procedures for identity papers have been less standardized and consequential; and when a lack of state legibility may represent a deliberate exclusion or a strategic...
Journal Article
English Language Notes (2007) 45 (1): 57–66.
Published: 01 March 2007
... interesting than necessary. (No tenure com m ittee w ould ever expect me to go through everything the American Antiquarian Society owned from 1837. But if I could .. .I) So I was feeling pretty good: the jo b was essentially done, and I could now w an­ der through the card catalogs and see w hat kinds...
Journal Article
English Language Notes (2021) 59 (2): 91–108.
Published: 01 October 2021
...), in a scene that, as with John’s encounter with Area X, draws on those moving moments of human and nonhuman recognition as when Ender sees through the hive queen’s eyes in Orson Scott Card’s novel Ender’s Game (1985). 36 In a passage replete with the language of trauma to describe the experience of Area...
Journal Article
English Language Notes (2012) 50 (1): 197–206.
Published: 01 March 2012
... ississippi. I rem em ber the date exact­ ly, because I renew ed m y d rive r's license on the sam e day, and the p ictu re on the lam inate card is o f a m an on the ve rg e o f im p lo s io n .T h e date also m arks th e b e g in ning o f a cascad­ ing set o f events in m y life th a t b ro u g h t m e...
Journal Article
English Language Notes (2002) 39 (3): 54–70.
Published: 01 March 2002
... calls a distinctive vocabulary ; from Woolf A few a very few cards ensued, of which the m ost significant was an ante­ dating o f the appeal lists quite in the sense n o t quite-quite11 W hat was Laski h o ping to quarry from Woolf? She m entions March 2002 59 at least two, very different and n...
Journal Article
English Language Notes (2015) 53 (1): 83–96.
Published: 01 March 2015
... fro n t," th a t a tte m p t to capture the g ra ssro o ts agency th a t the Left a rtis ts in the U nited States exercised to a large e xte n t in this era, a voiding sterile discussions a bout unilateral co m m ands fro m the top, p a rty m em bership cards, center and p e rip h e ry, and so on. A t...
Journal Article
English Language Notes (2005) 43 (2): 180–192.
Published: 01 December 2005
...? Magnus asks during the card-game (only to be refused, p. 21); and he poses the same question dur­ ing the second card-game (p. 38), before Birdboot having identified the corpse is shot. It will be obvious that Magnus s use of the term spin for an outing is comically appropriate in the context.20...
Journal Article
English Language Notes (2014) 52 (2): 115–131.
Published: 01 September 2014
... Asian im m igran t groups them selves, however unevenly and unpredictably. I argue that gam bling d istricts in Am erica is in the Heart are sites w here exclusions from liberal dem ocracy are laid bare as m uch as they are open to contestation. Card games in this regard do not serve as m ere m et­...
Journal Article
English Language Notes (2008) 46 (1): 201–207.
Published: 01 March 2008
... as a get-well card fo r all three of us now had terrib ly reverberant overtones. So now I was inspired to revisit GTA: San Andreas, searching fo r clues and poetic signposts; in effect, I was looking for Mark. Like Untitled, the film s that follow ed (Rehearsals for Retirement and Last Days In A Lonely...
Journal Article
English Language Notes (2008) 46 (2): 57–69.
Published: 01 September 2008
... fo u r sides o f advertisements on matt paper, it is printed on a rich glossy stock. Overall, fifteen pages of the pamphlet are devoted to such advertisem ents to video games, action movies, play­ ing cards, superhero cartoons on DVD, Juicy Fruit gum, and the U. S. Navy and one is given over...
Journal Article
English Language Notes (2021) 59 (1): 93–108.
Published: 01 April 2021
... as a “woman whose identity was the yellow card of prostitution” ( RM , 90). In a novel whose characters are constantly required to show their papers, this highly visible sign brands her in the eyes of the French as “a woman without family, without home, without name” beyond the horizon of any imagined future...
Journal Article
English Language Notes (2005) 42 (4): 95–102.
Published: 01 June 2005
... The Road Not Taken as having made it into the canon of greeting card and calendar literature (196) denigrates the poem as well as two arguably valid inroads of exposure for people who might not otherwise know of Frost. How many people were first exposed to opera via the W arner s shorts W hat s Opera...