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The Shape of the I: The Response Issue


Responses to David Simpson, “9/11: Changing the Subject”

Response to Andy Fitch and Jon Cotner, “‘A Returnmade Pleasurable by the Departure’: Triangulating Life Narrative”

Responses to Brian Teare, “Writing : Embodiment : Contingency”

Responses to Bhanu Kapil, “Writing/not-writing: th[a][e] Diasporic Self: Notes Towards a Race Riot Scene”

Responses to Erina Duganne, “Family Folktales: Carrie Mae Weems, Allan Sekula, and the Critique of Documentary Photography”

Responses to Kent Puckett, “Celia Johnson's Face”

Responses to Petra Kuppers, “Poetry-ing: Feminist Disability Aesthetics and Poetry Communities”

Responses to Caroline Bergvall, “Croup”

Responses to Philip Joseph, “Literary Lawlessness: Sozaboy and the Case of the Child Soldier in Fiction”

Responses to Jean Stefancic and Richard Delgado, “Keeping an Eye on Each Other”

Response to Marcia Douglas, “The: Rastalogy of I&I: Writing into I-Finity”

Responses to Robin Hemley, “In Praise of the Fake Memoir”

Response to Lia Purpura, “On Coming Back as a Buzzard”

Responses to Lawrence Hergott, “Warmth and Light in the Absence of the I”

Responses to Frederick Luis Aldama and Patrick Colm Hogan, “Puzzling Out the Self: Some Initial Reflections”

Responses to Robert Fitterman, “Replacing References to Photography with References to the Web in Vilém Flusser's ‘Towards a Philosophy of Photography’ (1983)”

Responses to Mark Amerika, “Remixing the ‘I’”

Responses to Tim Morton, “Waking Up Inside an Object: The Subject of Ecology”


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