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Journal Article
Eighteenth-Century Life (2008) 32 (2): 39–59.
Published: 01 April 2008
...Christina Smylitopoulos Duke University Press 2008 R Rewritten and Reused: Imaging the Nabob through “Upstart Iconography” Christina Smylitopoulos McGill University...
Journal Article
Eighteenth-Century Life (2022) 46 (2): 113–142.
Published: 01 April 2022
... characters: destitute widows are plentiful in the fiction of the period, and “nabobs” like Grambold—British men enriched but also said to be corrupted by their stay in India—had likewise become a novelistic stereotype in the eighteenth century's final decades. No less hackneyed than the persecuted heroine...
Journal Article
Eighteenth-Century Life (2014) 38 (2): 120–126.
Published: 01 April 2014
... pressures in history. The chapter goes on to argue that when Samuel Foote’s play The Nabob (1772) depicts an aristocratic family encumbered by debt, the eighteenth-­century reader has no doubt already accepted that an epochal trans- formation has taken place: Britain’s economic basis has moved from...
Journal Article
Eighteenth-Century Life (2001) 25 (2): 116–134.
Published: 01 April 2001
... stronghold; then—crossing Oxford Street—the haut bourgeois, the nabobs, the newly titled, the newly rich, and the suc- ECL25209-134-Cope.p65 119 10/19/01, 4:13 PM 120 cessful professional ranks domiciled in Marylebone and Regent’s Park...
Journal Article
Eighteenth-Century Life (2007) 31 (3): 115–126.
Published: 01 September 2007
... of errant masculinity: eff eminacy and despotism. 122 Eighteenth-Century Life Chapter one analyzes these signs in Samuel Foote’s 1773 The Nabob, a three- act play in which the nabob, Sir Matthew Mite, threatens to recall Sir John Oldham’s debts if Oldham does not grant Mite’s desire to marry his...
Journal Article
Eighteenth-Century Life (2018) 42 (1): 28–57.
Published: 01 January 2018
... in The School for Scandal.42 In that extremely popu- lar play, Charles’s careless auctioning off fo family portraits to support his debauched habits is a visual reminder of the loss of traditional virtues. So in The Belle’s Stratagem, the audience hears of nabobs outbidding the aris- tocracy...
Journal Article
Eighteenth-Century Life (2017) 41 (1): 116–141.
Published: 01 January 2017
... Aurelius, see Christina Smylitopoulos, “Rewritten and Reused: Imagining the Nabob through ‘Upstart Iconography Eighteenth-Century Life 32:2 (2008): 53. 17.  I am grateful to Brad Levett, my colleague in classics at Memorial University, for improving upon my translation. 18...
Journal Article
Eighteenth-Century Life (2020) 44 (1): 74–97.
Published: 01 January 2020
... to a conscience that had not the smallest light to direct it! If I went to Bengal, I might perhaps interpose and save the life of some poor Indian devoted [devoured?] by the fury of a British nabob; but amiable as such Quixotism would be, we are not to sacrifice every duty to the possibility of realizing one...