We are often complimented for our book reviews. At their best, they are more than summaries; we try to give reviewers enough room to engage with the book authors’ arguments, which helps to produce more thorough, richer, reviews. Of course, the credit here goes to our many dedicated reviewers, across the English-speaking world. But the credit also should go the invisible force at work behind all of them, our book-review editor, Ashley Marshall, who assigns the reviews, then works with the reviewers, advising, revising, editing, encouraging, cajoling, and sometimes even consoling, always with great patience, and good humor; Ashley has done this while continuing to publish major scholarship, including three well-received books, and numerous important articles and reviews (some of which, we are proud to say, appeared in Eighteenth-Century Life). And she has done all this while serving multiple terms as chair of the English department at the University of Nevada , Reno.

Ashley has decided to step down as book-review editor to pursue other projects (she is also stepping down as UNR English chair). We thank her warmly for her service; she has contributed significantly to the character and reputation of this journal. We are glad to say she will remain a member of our editorial board, and, forever, a good friend.

Well, things keep changing, we all move on, and the next day, the sun rises as usual. We are pleased to report that our new book-review editor, another fine scholar, will be Aparna Gollapudi, our neighbor at Colorado State University, in Fort Collins (about 60 miles to the south of Laramie), who has already contributed to Eighteenth-Century Life as an author and referee. We're very much looking forward to working with Aparna.

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