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Editorial Office:
Room 402, Zhi-He Building
Institute of Science, Technology and Society
National Yang-Ming University
No. 155, Sec. 2, Linong Street
Taipei, 11221

Editor in Chief:
Wen-Hua Kuo (National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan)
Associate Editors:
Hee-Je Bak (Kyung Hee University, South Korea)
Francesca Bray (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)
Michael Fischer (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States)
Sean Hsiang-Lin Lei (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
Togo Tsukahara (Kobe University, Japan)
Assistant Editor:
Yen Ke (National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan)
Editorial Board:
Sulfikar Amir (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
Warwick Anderson (University of Sydney, Australia)
Zaheer Baber (University of Toronto, Canada)
Florence Bretelle-Establet (Paris Diderot University, France)
Jane Calvert (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)
Hsin-Hsing Chen (Shih-Hsin University, Taiwan)
Hyungsub Choi (Seoul National University of Science and Technology, South Korea)
Catelijne Coopmans (National University of Singapore)
Fa-ti Fan (Binghamton University, United States)
Kim Fortun (University of California, Irvine, United States)
Yuko Fujigaki (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Daiwie Fu (National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan)
Yuko Fujigaki (Griffith University, Australia)
Marta Hanson (Johns Hopkins University, United States)
Wei Hong (Tsinghua University, China)
Chihyung Jeon (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea)
Kohta Juraku (Tokyo Denki University, Japan)
Boumsoung Kim (Hiroshima Institute of Technology, Japan)
Eun-Sung Kim (Kyung Hee University, South Korea)
Kiheung Kim (Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea)
Soyoung Kim (KAIST, South Korea)
Taewoo Kim (Kyung Hee University, South Korea)
Aleksandra Kobiljski (CNRS, France)
Shang-Jen Li (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
Jongtae Lim (Seoul National University, South Korea)
Wen-Yuan Lin (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)
Hiromi Mizuno (University of Minnesota, United States)
Aaron Moore (Arizona State University, United States)
Atsuro Morita (Osaka University, Japan)
Izumi Nakayama (University of Hong Kong)
Young-Gyung Paik (Korea National Open University, South Korea)
Laurent Pordie (CNRS, France)
Dagmar Schaefer (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Germany)
Sigrid Schmalzer (University of Massachusetts Amherst, United States)
Akihisa Setoguchi (Kyoto University, Japan)
Ryuma Shineha (Seijo University, Japan)
Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner (University of Sussex, United Kingdom)
Akihito Suzuki (Keio University, Japan)
Wen-ling Tu (National Chengchi University, Taiwan)
Wen-Ji Wang (National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan)
Chia-Ling Wu (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
Tomiko Yamaguchi (International Christian University, Japan)
Doogab Yi (Seoul National University, South Korea)
Mei Zhan (University of California, Irvine, United States)

Book Review Board:
Honghong Tinn (Earlham College, United States)
Jia-Shin Chen (National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan)
Arisa Ema (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Yu-Ling Huang (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)
Yeonbo Jeong (Sungkonghoe University, South Korea)
Hyomin Kim (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea)
Lu Gao (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Koichi Mikami (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)
Eva Sternfeld (Free University of Berlin, Germany)
Jianfeng Zhu (Fudan University, China)

Advisory Board:
David Arnold (University of Warwick, United Kingdom)
Wiebe E. Bijker (Maastricht University, the Netherlands)
Janet Browne (Harvard University, United States)
Karine Chemla (French National Center for Scientific Research, France)
Dung-Sheng Chen (National Taiwan University)
Haidan Chen (China Agricultural University)
Ruey-Lin Chen (National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan)
Ping-Yi Chu (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
Gregory Clancey (National University of Singapore)
Adele Clarke (University of California, San Francisco, United States)
Lorraine Daston (University of Chicago, United States)
Gary Downey (Virginia Tech, United States)
Prasenjit Duara (Duke University, United States)
Joseph Dumit (University of California, Davis, United States)
David Edgerton (King’s College London, United Kingdom)
Steve Epstein (Northwestern University, United States)
Judith Farquhar (University of Chicago, United States)
Ulrike Felt (University of Vienna, Austria)
Kim Fortun (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, United States)
Joan Fujimura (University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States)
Jean-Paul Gaudillière (Cermes3, France)
Francis Gealogo (Ateneo de Manila University, the Philippines)
Susan Greenhalgh (Harvard University, United States)
Sandra Harding (University of California, Los Angeles, United States)
Sungook Hong (Seoul National University, South Korea)
Sheila Jasanoff (Harvard University, United States)
†Osamu Kanamori (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Evelyn Fox Keller (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States)
Yoshiyuki Kikuchi (Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan)
Hwan-Suk Kim (Kookmin University, South Korea)
Yung Sik Kim (Seoul National University, South Korea)
John Law (Open University, United Kingdom)
Young-Hee Lee (Catholic University of Korea, South Korea)
Angela Ki Che Leung (University of Hong Kong)
Les Levidow (Open University, United Kingdom)
Chung-hsi Lin (National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan)
Yi-Ping Lin (National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan)
Bing Liu (Tsinghua University, China)
Dun Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Ming-cheng Lo (University of California, Davis, United States)
Miwao Matsumoto (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Suzanne Moon (University of Oklahoma, United States)
Hideto Nakajima (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
†Shigeru Nakayama (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Nelly Oudshoorn (University of Twente, the Netherlands)
Jin-Hee Park (Dongguk University, South Korea)
Trevor Pinch (Cornell University, United States)
Wenmay Rei (National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan)
Dingcheng Ren (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Osamu Sakura (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Volker Scheid (University of Westminster, United Kingdom)
Dongwon Shin (Chonbuk National University, South Korea)
Sang-yong Song (Hallym University, South Korea)
Terence Hua Tai (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)
Sharon Traweek (University of California, Los Angeles, United States)
Fu-Chang Tsai (National Taiwan University)
Azumi Tsuge (Meiji Gakuin University, Japan)
Brian Wynne (Lancaster University, United Kingdom)
Chen-Pang Yeang (University of Toronto, Canada)
Sang-Wook Yi (Hanyang University, South Korea)
Past Editors in Chief:
Daiwie Fu, 2007–12
Chia-Ling Wu, 2013–15
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