Corrections to Song Sang-yong, “HPS to STS: Looking Back over My Past Sixty Years.” East Asian Science, Technology and Society 11, no. 4 (2017): 589–601.

On page 598, in the fifth reference item, the title “Kwahak kwa sahoe e kwan haeoe yongu” should be “Kwahak kwa sahoe e kwan han haeoe yongu”; in the seventh reference item, the title “Pankwahak ui kiwonkwa chongae” should be “Pankwahak ui kiwon kwa chongae”; in the ninth reference item, the title “Joseph Needham. Chungguk kwahaksa Taejangj” should be “Joseph Needham. Chungguk kwahaksa Taejangjong”; and in the seventeenth reference item, the title 學世界 should be 化學世界. On page 599, in the third reference item, the title “Inganbaea Chulgsepo yongu ui yuli” should be “Inganbaea Chulgisepo yongu ui yuli”; and in the thirteenth reference item, the title “Yebangfnjsclr, chonmungajuui, tonghmulkwon” should be “Yebangwonchik, chonmungajuui, tonghmulkwon.” On page 600, in the sixth reference item, the correct date for Conant, James B. (1900 [1952]) is (1952). On page 601, in the twelfth reference item, Ina Spiegel-Röesing’s name should be Spiegel-Rösing, and the title Wissenschaftsentwicklung und Wissenschaftssteuerung. Einf üehrung und Material zur Wissenschaftsforschung should be Wissenschaftsentwicklung und Wissenschaftssteuerung. Einführung und Material zur Wissenschaftsforschung; in the thirteenth reference item, Ina Spiegel-Röesing’s name should be Spiegel-Rösing. These errors have all been corrected in the online versions of the article.