In recent decades, philosophy of science and STS studies have made substantial progress in China, but achievements and problems coexist. In order systematically to sort out this development, the author of this paper divides the topic into three parts: current research in philosophy of science, current research in STS studies, and the relationship between the two disciplines. The author predicts that philosophy of science and STS studies will, over time, address increasingly divergent topics. Even so, the development of these essentially modern scholarly fields is of significance to the future of Chinese culture and society.

中國的科學哲學與 STS 研究,在最近十餘年時間裏取得了長足的 進步,成就與問題並存,爲了系統地梳理這種發展脈絡,文章沿著三條線索 展開討論,其一,分析了中國科學哲學的發展現狀與存在的問題,其二,揭 示了中國 STS 研究的現狀與發展趨勢,其三,簡略地探討了中國科學哲學與 STS 在當下與未來的一種發展關系,並預測 STS 最終將從科學技術哲學領域 獨立出來,成爲一門獨立的學科,即便如此,這種發展前景對於未來中國的 文化啓蒙與社會進步也是具有重要意義的。.

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