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disembodied thinking

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Journal Article
differences (2021) 32 (1): 126–149.
Published: 01 May 2021
...) theory as a specifically Western product that has not necessarily had such an intense hold over other, differently constituted cultural zones. © 2021 by Brown University and differences : A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies 2021 cosmopolitanism cultural zones disembodied thinking exile...
Journal Article
differences (1997) 9 (2): 1–24.
Published: 01 July 1997
... perverse dream of disembodiment, of eliminating a body marked by failure, lack, limitation. Assigning the body to the woman quarantines this failure and contingency. But a curious nostalgia for the body intervenes in this scenario, indicating the degree of difficulty and stress involved in thinking...
Journal Article
differences (2007) 18 (1): 53–86.
Published: 01 May 2007
..., when they write 1, 2, 3, . . . and think infinity. A salient feature of ghosts is their mode of embodiment and disembodiment. Their aberrant physicality, before all else, underlies...
Journal Article
differences (1993) 5 (2): 1–23.
Published: 01 July 1993
... the various shocks of modernity. Ultimately, however, I think it is perhaps more interesting to underline the contradiction harbored in this discourse of technology and embodiment/disembodiment. A visual failure or confusion (understood as "persistence of vision") is technologically inscribed within...
Journal Article
differences (2008) 19 (1): 96–127.
Published: 01 May 2008
...Rebecca Wilkin The fetus was able to think and was conscious of doing so, Descartes claimed in his Response to Antoine Arnauld's Objection to the Meditationes de prima philosophia (1641). This essay traces the fortunes of the cogitating fetus in Descartes's published works and correspondence...
Journal Article
differences (2011) 22 (2-3): 74–111.
Published: 01 December 2011
... dematerialization and disembodiment in information theory and cybernetics, I argue that communication engineers treated the voice and other signals as material commodities and remained committed to conventional bodies. With thanks to George Kupczak of the at&t Archives and History Center, Helen Selsdon...
Journal Article
differences (1994) 6 (2-3): 199–207.
Published: 01 July 1994
.... I think a cartography provides us with politically informed, workable descriptions of the present and, as such, enables critical thinkers to engage actively in the process of resistance. Following Foucault, I see resistance as a way ofpolitically activating counter-memories, that is to say sites...
Journal Article
differences (2018) 29 (1): 134–172.
Published: 01 May 2018
... a part of a prominent shift in thinking that is taking place in contemporary research in molecular biology, where understandings of biosemiotic frameworks of molecular signaling and interaction are stretching away from sole considerations of codes as a disembodied form of biological information...
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Journal Article
differences (1990) 2 (2): 55–75.
Published: 01 July 1990
... in that Ilike sex, food, and love. I just don't believe in male or female: I'm not particularly masculine, and I'm certainly not feminine. But I don't think it matters" (qtd. in Bronski 185). In a perfectly postfeminist statement Boy George thus affirms sexual difference and the male/female hierarchy...
Journal Article
differences (2006) 17 (3): 151–166.
Published: 01 December 2006
... of embodiment, location [. . .] rather than d i f f e r e n c e s 155 through [. . .] disembodied, authorized, official impersonality” (73). It is pretty clear that Johnson here...
Journal Article
differences (1994) 6 (2-3): 208–211.
Published: 01 July 1994
... of semblance legislate the disembodiment of certain subjectivities- their "transcendence" into political agency and symbolic articulacy at the price ofthe threat ofdisciplinary abjection and overembodiment of others who serve the reproductive needs of the corpus socians. In this respect I think that Professor...
Journal Article
differences (1995) 7 (1): 1–14.
Published: 01 April 1995
... to elaborate this very general set of assertions by looking at the specific example of France. And while I cannot here recapitulate a history that has taken me a whole book to explore (Scott), I think it will be useful to think about the complex relationship between universalism and feminism with materials...
Journal Article
differences (1999) 11 (3): 29–56.
Published: 01 December 1999
... to) women as a national plot, where white women become the bearers of increasingly privatized virtue and of paradoxically symbolic and material bodies, as ideological supplements to the disembodied/universal white male citizen...
Journal Article
differences (2021) 32 (1): 1–6.
Published: 01 May 2021
... in his book. It concerns the objection to (literary) theory as a discourse that, under the guise of “disembodied and universalizing thinking,” smuggles in “(Western) situatedness and embeddedness” ( “Exilic” 140 ). In addition to the end in time, then, Tihanov takes note of literary theory’s confinement...
Journal Article
differences (2010) 21 (1): 124–136.
Published: 01 May 2010
... devoted to the writings of Paul in the New Testament.6 Striking among these writers who are using Paul to think with—to find a Jewish heretic 128 Religion and the Question of Theory who...
Journal Article
differences (2018) 29 (3): 107–136.
Published: 01 December 2018
... . Censorium: Cinema and the Open Edge of Mass Publicity . Durham : Duke UP , 2013 . Mazzarella William Kaur Raminder . “ Between Sedition and Seduction: Thinking Censorship in South Asia .” Censorship in South Asia: Cultural Regulation from Sedition to Seduction . Ed. Kaur Raminder...
Journal Article
differences (1994) 6 (2-3): 174–198.
Published: 01 July 1994
... recovered). "Pathological, "in this sense, does not mean abnormal; on the contrary, it is archinormality itself, primary normality. And the origin (the essence) can thus be read in the symptom. (135) I think the extent ofBraidotti's participation in this perhaps insistently late nineteenth-century...
Journal Article
differences (1992) 4 (1): 116–132.
Published: 01 April 1992
... - 496 . Fuss Diana . Essentially Speaking: Feminism, Nature, and Difference. New York : Routledge , 1989 . Gallop Jane . “ Phallus/Penis: Same Difference .” 1981 . Thinking Through the Body . New York : Columbia UP , 1988 . 124 - 32 . Gallop Jane . Reading Lacan...
Journal Article
differences (2015) 26 (3): 107–115.
Published: 01 November 2015
... of which the social universe is composed, trying to figure out, more precisely, why the social universe has so much injustice built into it and how much freedom we have to take it apart and put it together differently. 1 Althusser’s thinking on theater and art was not intended for readers primarily...
Journal Article
differences (2004) 15 (2): 32–53.
Published: 01 September 2004
.... Before I begin to tell the story of this compelling movement, however, I think it is necessary to defi ne universalism. And I will do that with a look at its history. French universalism in the 1990s—at least...