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Journal Article
Demography (1977) 14 (4): 571–580.
Published: 01 November 1977
...Robert D. Retherford; Neil G. Bennett Abstract This paper develops methodology for estimating standard errors and confidence intervals for own-children estimates of age-specific birth rates and total fertility rates. The methodology applies to systematic samples of households, which are treated...
Journal Article
Demography (1968) 5 (1): 362–373.
Published: 01 March 1968
... of reports, and suggests a program for expanding the employment of sampling in censuses of the developing countries. Two ways can be developed to use sampling to speed up the processing of census results. The first way is to use small samples for a program of preliminary reports, to be followed up later...
Journal Article
Demography (2018) 55 (4): 1447–1473.
Published: 02 July 2018
...Stan Becker; Amanda Kalamar Abstract In some surveys, women and men are interviewed separately in selected households, allowing matching of partner information and analyses of couples. Although individual sampling weights exist for men and women, sampling weights specific for couples are rarely...
Includes: Supplementary data
Published: 03 December 2019
Fig. 5 Estimated sampling distribution of the difference between the total absolute error (TAE) for internal consistency checks from the conversational contact network and from the meal network. For all countries except for Indonesia, the meal network is more internally consistent than More
Journal Article
Demography (2000) 37 (4): 511–521.
Published: 01 November 2000
...John E. Murray Abstract Whether marriage causes people to live longer or whether healthier people select into marriage is an open question. In this study I followed a sample of men from age 18 to first marriage and ultimately to death. Health in early adulthood was represented by height and weight...
Journal Article
Demography (1978) 15 (4): 459–476.
Published: 01 November 1978
... IN A FILIPINO MIGRANT SAMPLE Jotefina Jayme Card American Institutes for Research in the Behavioral Sciences, Palo Alto, California 94302 Abstract-The malleability of fertility-related attitudes and behavior was studied by analyzing data collected from cross-sectional groups of Filipino migrants who had lived...
Journal Article
Demography (1979) 16 (4): 493–521.
Published: 01 November 1979
...John Knodel Abstract Utilizing data from a sample of German village genealogies, it is possible to document the changes in reproductive patterns on the family level that started to take place in Germany during the nineteenth century and formed the basis for the secular decline in fertility which...
Journal Article
Demography (1967) 4 (1): 374–387.
Published: 01 March 1967
...H. Bradley Wells; B. L. Agrawal Summary India’s ad hoc sample registration scheme for obtaining current estimates of rural birth and death rates for the whole country is being implemented quite rapidly. Five states have 140 sample units, and eleven states will have from 20 to 100 units in the study...
Journal Article
Demography (1969) 6 (1): 75–90.
Published: 01 February 1969
... IN A SAMPLE OF TAIWANESE WOMEN ANRUDH K. JAIN The Population Studies Center, The University of Michigan, 1225 South University Avenue,> Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 Abstract-Estimates of fecundability (monthly probability of conception) in the absence of contraception are derived from the frequency distribution...
Journal Article
Demography (1969) 6 (2): 101–115.
Published: 01 May 1969
...Jacob S. Siegel; Donald S. Akers Abstract The value of national sample survey data relating to birth expectations for projecting births is reassessed in the light of data limitations pointed out by Ryder and Westoff among others and of the methods of projection used by the United States Bureau...
Journal Article
Demography (1969) 6 (1): 17–26.
Published: 01 February 1969
.... Our purpose in this paper is not to criticize previous efforts, but to indicate that a different perspective may be salutary. COHORT DISAGGREGATION ANALYSIS OF FERTILITY DATA FROM A SAMPLE SURVEY GEORGE C. MYERS Division of Research in Epidemiology and Communication Science, World Health Organization...
Journal Article
Demography (1973) 10 (2): 137–160.
Published: 01 May 1973
... the symptomatic information is combined with sample data by means of a regression format. Combining symptomatic information on births, deaths, and school enrollment with sample data from the Current Population Survey, county estimates of population growth were computed by means of the new method...
Journal Article
Demography (1972) 9 (3): 455–463.
Published: 01 August 1972
...James M. Sakoda; William J. Sakoda Abstract This is a report on computer programming undertaken to preprocess the 1960–1970 U. S. census public use samples to increase their accessibility. This includes wholesale recoding into positive integers from 1 to N , with 0 reserved for “not applicable...
Journal Article
Demography (1969) 6 (4): 403–411.
Published: 01 November 1969
...D. C. Mehta Abstract Since October, 1965, births and deaths in rural Gujarat State, India, have been recorded under two independent systems in a random sample of units. First, a part-time local “registrar” is appointed in each sample unit (village or segment thereof) who: prepares a house list...
Journal Article
Demography (1974) 11 (1): 143–148.
Published: 01 February 1974
...Vernon Renshaw Abstract A study by Donald Pursell (1972), which examines migration data compiled from the one-percent sample file of the Social Security Administration, is discussed in this paper. An important feature of the data which is neglected by Pursell is pointed out, and the Pursell results...
Journal Article
Demography (1973) 10 (3): 469–478.
Published: 01 August 1973
...Monroe G. Sirken Abstract This paper studies the design effect of counting rules, for linking deaths to housing units where they are enumerated in the survey, on the sampling variance of dual system and single system estimators of death registration completeness. It investigates estimators based...
Journal Article
Demography (1985) 22 (3): 445–454.
Published: 01 August 1985
.... An unbiased estimator is presented which explicitly models the way in which observations are selected into the sample. The estimator is then employed on Guatemalan and Indian data. No support for the notion that women who answer “up to God” are women who would have given relatively large numeric answers...
Journal Article
Demography (1990) 27 (2): 267–284.
Published: 01 May 1990
...Jere R. Behrman; Robin C. Sickles; Paul Taubman Abstract In this article, we estimate accelerated time-to-failure and proportional-hazard functions with about 100,000 members of the Dorn sample, finding greater hazards associated with smoking and some dependence on occupational variables...
Journal Article
Demography (1991) 28 (1): 119–131.
Published: 01 February 1991
.... 133 – 157 ). ( 1989 ). Bangkok : Thailand Development Research Institute . Demography, Vol. 28, No.1, February 1991 Family Size and Children's Education in Thailand: Evidence from a National Sample John Knodel Population Studies Center The University of Michigan 1225 S. University Ave. Ann Arbor...
Journal Article
Demography (1999) 36 (4): 497–503.
Published: 01 November 1999
...Mark E. Hill Abstract As an alternative to survival analysis with longitudinal data, I introduce a method that can be applied when one observes the same cohort in two cross-sectional samples collected at different points in time. The method allows for the estimation of log-probability survivorship...