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Journal Article
Demography (1999) 36 (1): 111–120.
Published: 01 February 1999
... that of native households when native-born children living in households headed by immigrants are treated as if they were foreign born. PUBLIC ASSISTANCE RECEIPT AMONG IMMIGRANTS AND NATIVES: HOW THE UNIT OF ANALYSIS AFFECTS RESEARCH FINDINGS* JENNIFER VAN HOOK, JENNIFER E. GLICK, AND FRANK D. BEAN Differences...
Journal Article
Demography (2012) 49 (3): 1127–1154.
Published: 30 May 2012
...Thomas P. Vartanian; Linda Houser Abstract The disproportionate number of individuals who are obese or overweight in the low-income U.S. population has raised interest in the influence of neighborhood conditions and public assistance programs on weight and health. Generally, neighborhood effects...
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Journal Article
Demography (2000) 37 (3): 323–338.
Published: 01 August 2000
... because better jobs are available on the mainland. Employment, human capital, family structure, and public assistance cannot completely explain observed differences. The results also show that the economic benefits of migration continue for the native-born on the mainland and that return migration...
Journal Article
Demography (1992) 29 (4): 523–543.
Published: 01 November 1992
... to increase the supply of child care or to lower its cost could increase female labor supply by a substantial fraction, with an even greater rise among women most at risk of poverty and reliance on public assistance, but probably would not raise fertility significantly. 12 1 2011 © Population...
Journal Article
Demography (1986) 23 (1): 67–77.
Published: 01 February 1986
... crosssectional data on 297 California teenagers aged 13-19 who were pregnant for the first time between 1972 and 1974. Both Anglo and Mexican-American girls are included. We find that pregnant girls who are eligible for or are receiving public assistance are more likely to give birth and remain unmarried...
Journal Article
Demography (2023) 60 (4): 965–976.
Published: 01 August 2023
... government programs help reduce poverty among mothers around childbirth, these programs do not protect mothers from falling into poverty after childbirth nor do they reduce the inequities in poverty by race or ethnicity. Our results highlight the need for greater public assistance for mothers with recent...
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Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Article
Demography (2005) 42 (3): 523–535.
Published: 01 August 2005
... Health, St. Louis University. Courtney Andrews, Senior Research Assistant, School of Public Health, St. Louis University. The authors are grateful for comments from Julie Brines, Marianne Ferber, Howard lams, Robert Pollak, anonymous referees of this journal, the edi- tors, and participants...
Journal Article
Demography (2004) 41 (2): 237–261.
Published: 01 May 2004
... of Theory, Method, and Research . Psychological Bulletin , 118 , 3 – 34 . 10.1037/0033-2909.118.1.3 Lam, D. 1988. “Marriage Markets and Assortative Mating With Household Public Goods.” Journal of Human Resources (Fall):462–87. Landale N.S. , & Forste R. ( 1991 ). Patterns...
Journal Article
Demography (1995) 32 (2): 231–247.
Published: 01 May 1995
...James C. Cramer Abstract This paper attempts to explain the differences in birthweight observed between blacks, white Anglos, Chicanos, and other racial and ethnic groups. The analysis focuses on the role of income and financial assistance from relatives and public programs. Using data from the NLS...
Journal Article
Demography (1977) 14 (2): 213–222.
Published: 01 May 1977
... variables are not large, but many of the demographic and socioeconomic variables have substantial indirect effects via health care and program activity. 8 1 2011 © Population Association of America 1977 1977 Family Planning Program Activity Enrollment Rate Public Assistance Generalize...
Journal Article
Demography (1967) 4 (2): 615–625.
Published: 01 June 1967
... in the couple has been conducted among 550 urban families in France by the National Center for Scientific Research, with the assistance of the United States Public Health Service. The data given here are relative to the importance of the couple’s interaction in the realization of family planning goals...
Journal Article
Demography (2020) 57 (6): 2327–2335.
Published: 29 October 2020
... approach were accurate in identifying certain survey LPRs—such as those who are married or who receive public assistance—they also appear to systematically overlook other characteristics of LPRs. In this case, many high-income legal immigrants were missed. Additionally, the strong influence of the public...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Article
Demography (2016) 53 (5): 1399–1428.
Published: 13 September 2016
... economy (Gibson-Rosado 1993 ; Gutiérrez 2008 ; Presser 1969 ). The involuntary sterilization of women receiving public assistance in the United States has been publically documented as recently as the 1970s (Boonstra et al. 2000 ; Malat 2000 ; Reilly 1991 ; Roberts 2000 ; Stern 2005 ). Many...
Journal Article
Demography (1994) 31 (2): 229–248.
Published: 01 May 1994
... by a grant from Waste Management Incorporated, as sponsored by the Institute for Chemical Waste Management, to the Northeast Regional Public Health Center. The grantor bears no responsibility for the findings reported here. All authors are members of SADRI. We are deeply indebted for the capable assistance...
Journal Article
Demography (2001) 38 (3): 375–389.
Published: 01 August 2001
... Welfare Participation References Bean , F.D. , Van Hook , J.V.W. , & Glick , J.E. ( 1997 ). Country of Origin, Type of Public Assistance, and Patterns of Welfare Recipiency Among U.S. Immigrants and Natives . Social Science Quarterly , 78 , 432 – 51 . Becker , G.S...
Journal Article
Demography (2015) 52 (3): 835–860.
Published: 02 May 2015
... families, as public assistance and private support for single-mother families alleviated consumption pressures. These researchers suggest using household consumption expenditure to better measure children’s economic well-being. In our view, the validity of household-level expenditure in measuring...
Journal Article
Demography (2001) 38 (3): 337–348.
Published: 01 August 2001
... : National Academy of Sciences . Jensen , L. ( 1989 ). The New Immigration: Implications for Poverty and Public Assistance Utilization . New York : Greenwood . Jensen , L. ( 1991 ). Secondary Earner Strategies and Family Poverty: Immigrant-Native Differentials, 1960–1980...
Journal Article
Demography (2020) 57 (6): 2003–2034.
Published: 08 September 2020
... not, but we suspect that the excluded women are poorer and less stably housed than the included women. A driver’s license costs $25 in Michigan. However, one must have a driver’s license or personal ID card to receive public assistance in Michigan, and a personal ID card costs only $10. The fee is waived...
Journal Article
Demography (1993) 30 (4): 607–622.
Published: 01 November 1993
... participation in the food stamp program among those who are eligible. Food stamps is one of the broadest of the public assistance programs in that it serves low-income individuals regardless of family status, age, or disability status.' The role of geographic factors in affecting the behavior of low-income...
Journal Article
Demography (2020) 57 (4): 1323–1344.
Published: 24 June 2020
... of public assistance—but are somewhat less likely to be young, Hispanic, or living in shared housing. Just as Evans et al. ( 2016 ) found that emergency financial assistance reduces emergency shelter entry, I find that address changes also fall for those referred to assistance relative to eligible...
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Includes: Supplementary data