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Advance Publication

Research Article May 17 2022
Mass Education and Women's Autonomy: Evidence From Latin America
Research Article May 16 2022
Learning to Value Girls: Balanced Infant Sex Ratios at Higher Parental Education in the United States, 1969–2018
Research Article May 13 2022
The Demographic Drivers of Grief and Memory After Genocide in Guatemala
Research Article May 13 2022
The Effect of Parental Loss on Social Mobility in Early Twentieth-Century Sweden
Research Article May 13 2022
Polygenic Scores for Plasticity: A New Tool for Studying Gene–Environment Interplay
Research Article May 12 2022
Defining Childlessness Among Middle-Aged and Older Americans: A Research Note
Research Article May 12 2022
Differences in All-Cause Mortality Among Transgender and Non-Transgender People Enrolled in Private Insurance
Research Article May 6 2022
Expansion, Compression, Neither, Both? Divergent Patterns in Healthy, Disability-Free, and Morbidity-Free Life Expectancy Across U.S. Birth Cohorts, 1998–2016
Research Article May 3 2022
Loneliness at Older Ages in the United States: Lonely Life Expectancy and the Role of Loneliness in Health Disparities
Research Article April 29 2022
The Long-Term Consequences of a Golden Nest: Socioeconomic Status in Childhood and the Age at Leaving Home
Research Article April 28 2022
The New System of Mexican Migration: The Role of Entry Mode–Specific Human and Social Capital
Research Article April 26 2022
Does Childbearing Affect Cognitive Health in Later Life? Evidence From an Instrumental Variable Approach
Research Article April 25 2022
Using Social Networks to Sample Migrants and Study the Complexity of Contemporary Immigration: An Evaluation Study
Research Article April 25 2022
Relating Period and Cohort Fertility
Research Article April 20 2022
Religiosity and Young Unmarried Women's Sexual and Contraceptive Behavior: New Evidence From a Longitudinal Panel of Young Adult Women
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