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Published: 01 July 2016
Figure 4 Charter Study Area at night, October 5, 2014. The desks on the left were built on the Jersey barrier. Photo by Yik Yeung Man, provided by Apple Daily Figure 4. Charter Study Area at night, October 5, 2014. The desks on the left were built on the Jersey barrier. Photo by Yik Yeung Man More
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 March 2010) 6 (1): 65–84.
Published: 01 March 2010
.... The case study that follows examines two main features of the press coverage of the global pop star Michael Jackson's court verdict: the extent to which it was a worldwide story; and the degree to which, based on analysis in one country, it became a running story. 4 One feature of the career...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 July 2010) 6 (2): 229–236.
Published: 01 July 2010
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 July 2012) 8 (2): 327–344.
Published: 01 July 2012
... illegal trade in human eggs. I first came in contact with fertility tourism and transnational egg trade during my organ-trafficking field studies in Eastern Europe and the Middle East in 2009 and 2010. I was familiar with the concept owing to my previous studies on ART ( Lundin 1996 , 1997 , 2000...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 July 2006) 2 (2): 137–158.
Published: 01 July 2006
...Jim Mcguigan This article traces various trajectories of development in the field of Cultural Studies, identifying five in particular: theoreticism, methodism, pragmatism, subjectivism, and consumerism. The article concentrates on the consumerist trajectory as it emerged in Britain. While “the...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 November 2006) 2 (3): 265–280.
Published: 01 November 2006
...Simon During This essay is a contribution to the debate around cultural studies’ relation to disciplinarity. It makes the case that that debate has failed fully to take into account global shifts in university management which have meant that the health and reproduction of disciplines is no longer...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 July 2008) 4 (2): 161–182.
Published: 01 July 2008
...Huimin Jin Being deeply engaged with and therefore a leading figure of cultural studies, British and Australian, Tony Bennett, by focusing upon its key concepts – (culture as) a whole way of life, hegemony, cultural capital, and governmentality , etc. – shows how cultural studies was shaped and...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 July 2012) 8 (2): 171–191.
Published: 01 July 2012
... the positioning of subjects toward, as well as by, the media and the epistemological question of what the object of media studies is. © 2012 Duke University Press 2012 violence media studies McLuhan film media education Above all, the mental and physical health of those pupils was...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 March 2006) 2 (1): 127–132.
Published: 01 March 2006
... “reality” and fictional representations of urban terror; and the rise of specialist military research on cities. Graham makes a convincing case for research combining perspectives from urban studies (which has largely overlooked the long history of cities as sites of war) and international relations (which...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 March 2015) 11 (1): 70–88.
Published: 01 March 2015
... in the New Left vision of participatory democracy? These arguments develop through an exploration of the relationship between TPG, founded in 1967 by performance studies architect Richard Schechner and others, and SDS. The members of SDS believed that the heightened emotional sensitivity and...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 July 2011) 7 (2): 219–238.
Published: 01 July 2011
...Julian Reid What are the politics of Gilles Deleuze's study of cinematic modernity? In film studies, the discipline that formally assumes cinema as its object, Deleuze's concepts have been used to explore the processes by which national identities have been historically constructed and...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 July 2014) 10 (2): 194–205.
Published: 01 July 2014
...Tao Dongfeng This essay provides an introduction to the ways in which Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman has been applied to Chinese cultural studies, and especially to media studies. It argues that the emerging phenomenon of “amusing ourselves to death” in China is fundamentally different...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 November 2017) 13 (3): 267–276.
Published: 01 November 2017
...John Armitage; Ryan Bishop; Mark Featherstone; Douglas Kellner Although neither a cultural philosophy nor a political theory, the concept of cultural politics emerged, as we conceive it, decades ago in a time when it was often argued that the study of culture and the academic discipline of cultural...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 November 2015) 11 (3): 329–345.
Published: 01 November 2015
... analysis of the connections between the university’s educational logic of learning, the rise of student debt, and neoliberalism. We then suggest studying as an alternative model of university education that suspends the economy of learning and its connections with debt. To further expand upon Agamben’s...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 March 2012) 8 (1): 1–43.
Published: 01 March 2012
...Douglas Kellner In studies of the spectacle of terror in Norway and the UK riots in summer 2011, I highlight the roles of media spectacle and crises of masculinity in these eruptions of social violence, although I suggest multicausal explanation and do not wish to offer reductive analyses. The...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 March 2017) 13 (1): 101–123.
Published: 01 March 2017
...Hanan Toukan This article studies the Picasso in Palestine exhibit in light of what it means to be a modern and resistant Palestinian colonial subject, living in a sovereign state-to-be in our contemporary global world. By drawing on theories of the imagination, resistance studies, art, and...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 July 2005) 1 (2): 193–214.
Published: 01 July 2005
...Sean Cubitt While production, text and audience have been extensively covered by media and cultural studies scholars, the study of distribution is in its infancy. This essay argues that the distributive moment of the media cycle – incorporating delivery to audiences, business-to-business...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 March 2008) 4 (1): 100–122.
Published: 01 March 2008
...Timothy Clark This review article engages with the architect Adam Sharr’s Heidegger’s Hut (2006), a study of Martin Heidegger’s work hut at Todtnauberg, and also with Heidegger’s own “essay” on thought at the hut, “From Out of the Experience of Thinking” (written 1947). The article traces a tension...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 July 2007) 3 (2): 203–222.
Published: 01 July 2007
...Tao Dongfeng This article provides a systematic study of Canon-Mocking Literature, an important cultural phenomenon in contemporary China. From the combined perspective of stylistics and cultural studies, the article suggests that Canon-Mocking Literature is a subversion of the discursive order of...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 July 2012) 8 (2): 254–271.
Published: 01 July 2012
... that are insidiously imposed from without, internationally. Although largely unintentional, Slavick's essay and selection of art combined present the scholar and critic of theory and ideology with a fascinating study of the ongoing tension between the current predilection for commentary and analysis of...