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Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 July 2017) 13 (2): 259–262.
Published: 01 July 2017
...Scott Wark Medium, Messenger, Transmission: An Approach to Media Philosophy , by Krämer Sybille , Amsterdam , Amsterdam University Press , Recursions Series , 2016 , 270 pp, €79,00 , ISBN 978-9-08964-741-2 , €39,95 , ISBN 978-9-46298-308-3 Copyright © 2017 Duke University...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 March 2015) 11 (1): 70–88.
Published: 01 March 2015
... to his demise. Then a Messenger entered to address the audience directly. Each performer who played the Messenger gave a different version of the speech, but they all had the same message: people too caught up in the pursuit of “freedom” would quickly find the movement out of their control; self...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 November 2015) 11 (3): 391–394.
Published: 01 November 2015
... High King, whose reign—in this very order—extended from horses to humans. When his successors built a royal road from Susa to the Mediterranean, thereby mobilizing the superhuman speed of messengers on horseback, the first empire of this world (to quote the gospels) had come into being. The...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 March 2016) 12 (1): 83–97.
Published: 01 March 2016
... attain the recycling longevity of the similar brand Freitag, which, in 1993, produced the first of their now ubiquitous messenger bags from used truck tarpaulins, seatbelts, and inner tubes and which retail at an average £150 (approximately US$230), remains to be seen. Further, whether either of these...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 November 2015) 11 (3): 395–406.
Published: 01 November 2015
... fifteen messengers” to the fifteen German tribes (75). People are, quite literally, taught to be homesick. Fifteen German states and their equally divided subjects turn into one homogenous nation, whose destiny is to wage a people’s war and whose desire is the reunification of a woman— The Woman—in the...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 November 2005) 1 (3): 257–278.
Published: 01 November 2005
... Messenger mediated and communicated between the mortal world, the Gods of Olympus, and the underworld of Hades. Typically however, as Jung suggests, Trickster is not a clearly identified individual figure, but persists as a trace, an aspect, a shadow of the gods. In Greek mythology gods are always ambiguous...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 November 2005) 1 (3): 295–316.
Published: 01 November 2005
... ). Following this interpretation I believe that we can also read thesis nine in the following way. Given that the angel is a messenger, who is able to communicate God's message, he represents the unknowable, sacred, part of God. He makes God material, knowable and, therefore, profane, even though it is clear...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 July 2012) 8 (2): 171–191.
Published: 01 July 2012
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 November 2011) 7 (3): 409–430.
Published: 01 November 2011
.... Obviously, MSN Messenger and Text Messaging on mobile phones and Blackberries are rich terrains for this kind of contact. In describing the “fall” of the phatic function, Baudrillard perspicaciously discovered a new descriptor with widespread relevance for media studies of contact in popular culture...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 July 2016) 12 (2): 202–216.
Published: 01 July 2016
... . Evanzz Karl . 2011 . The Messenger: The Rise and Fall of Elijah Muhammad . New York : Random House . Everitt David . 2007 . A Shadow of Red: Communism and the Blacklist in Radio and Television . Chicago : Ivan R. Dee . Faulkner Anne Shaw . 1921 . “ Does Jazz Put the Sin in...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 March 2017) 13 (1): 81–100.
Published: 01 March 2017
... the multitap mobile keyboard and chat apps like AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). As the mobile phone superseded pagers, first-generation txt-speak was born and led to digital shorthand designed to speed up communication between users. In early mobile phone communication, SMS (short message service) was...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 July 2005) 1 (2): 139–164.
Published: 01 July 2005
... his second term (see Suskind 2004 : 44–51, 64, 102). What is most disturbing is not simply that many of his religious supporters believe that Bush is their leader but also that he is embraced as a “messenger from God” ( Kaplan 2004 ), whose job it is to implement God's will. For example, Bob Jones...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 July 2010) 6 (2): 133–156.
Published: 01 July 2010
... as composed with other technics on the interior/exterior border between the human and the technical. Wills is susceptible to the claim that he is “shooting the messenger” here. As he himself points out...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 March 2009) 5 (1): 27–62.
Published: 01 March 2009
... thinking that Muhammad is God, and not his messenger. Of course, one may argue, as Sufis often do (at risk of their lives among fundamentalists) that God is in all human beings and it is our task to find that divine trace within us (“ anal ul-haq ” as al-Hallaj famously and ecstatically declared, for which...
Journal Article
Cultural Politics (1 March 2012) 8 (1): 1–43.
Published: 01 March 2012
... that many of the groups were flash mobs, using BlackBerries to mobilize people to certain targets in specific locales. While Facebook-, Twitter-, and Internet-mediated forms of social networking left traces police could track, BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM for short, allegedly allowed messages not...