I sense that we shall not come home to the fact of our unhousedness, of our eviction from a central humanity in the face of the tidal provocations of political barbarism and technocratic servitude, if we do not redefine, if we do not re-experience, the life of meaning in the text, in music, in art. We must come to recognize, and the stress is on re-cognition, a meaningfulness which is that of a freedom of giving and of reception beyond the constraints of immanence. (George Steiner in Sanders 1995: 49)

This is not Bernard Stiegler, but George Steiner, writing in Real Presences and quoted in Barry Sanders's A is for Ox: The Collapse of Literacy and the Rise of Violence in an Electronic Age, a book which in many ways parallels Stiegler's, though it does so within a rather different cultural frame.

Stiegler would not identify in every particular...

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