The globalization of casino culture looms terrifyingly ascendant—economically, environmentally, and politically. The twenty first century’s diminishing resources and despoiled environment have triggered seismic global shifts that privilege the bare-knuckles strongman paradigm of the winner takes all created by a self-perpetuating elite caste of mega winners while transforming everyone else into an increasingly desperate sea of losers. How did the world turn upside down so quickly while we weren’t paying much attention?

Truth has been systematically delinked from power, obscured by a shrill barrage of gossip, paranoia, and wishful thinking. It becomes increasingly urgent to examine how serious discussion of all aspects of this global crisis are being thwarted by this hailstorm of distraction. As a figurative painter, I work with the tools I have, observation and analysis distilled in paint.

As every aspect of accepted norms in American life has come under siege, it...

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