The current turn in the histories of modern India and Germany is a movement away from their respective national and linguistic boundaries toward exploration of global connections and resultant entanglements. It has been facilitated by new interventions made by transnational and transregional histories, which have become more prominent, both intellectually and institutionally, in Germany with the rise of the Global History approach in recent years. Modern South Asian history, too, has successfully moved beyond the colonial and nationalist framework to explore the larger terrain of Indian Ocean history as well as the wider connections both within and beyond the British Empire. These developments have given rise to an exciting meeting point that brings modern Indian and German histories together. The essays in this special section are focused on connections forged in Germany and, specifically, in Berlin, while also tracing the prehistory and afterlives in the colony and newly independent nations in South Asia. At the same time, our articles locate Indo-German histories within a wider global context as well.

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