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Current Issue
Volume 3,
Issue 1,
April 1, 2020

About the Journal

Critical Times, a project of the International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs, is a peer-reviewed, open access journal with the aim of foregrounding encounters between canonical critical theory and various traditions of critique emerging from other historical legacies, seeking to present the multiple forms that critical thought takes today. We publish essays from different regions of the world in order to foster new paths of intellectual exchange and reformulate the field by accounting for its regional and linguistic inflections. The journal publishes essays, interviews, dialogues, dispatches, visual art, and various other platforms for critical reflection, transnational exchange, and political reflection and practice.

Articles are published under a Creative Commons license (BY-NC-ND). Authors are not charged any fees for publication and retain copyright in their articles.

Academic Editor

Samera Esmeir

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Critical Times is an open-access title with all content freely available online.

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