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Journal Article
Comparative Literature (2000) 52 (3): 228–245.
Published: 01 June 2000
...: Verso, 1983 . Appiah, Kwame Anthony. “Altered States.” In My Father's House: Africa in the Philosophy of Culture . New York: Oxford University Press, 1992 . 158 -72. ____. “Cosmopolitan Patriots.” For Love of Country: Debating the Limits of Patriotism . Ed. Joshua Cohen. Boston: Beacon Press...
Journal Article
Comparative Literature (2001) 53 (4): 354–372.
Published: 01 September 2001
... Siting of Women's Experience in Novels by Aidoo, Ngugi, Farah, and El Saadawi.” English in Africa 27 . 1 ( 2000 ): 1 -35. Fabi, M. Giulia. “Sexual Violence and the Black Atlantic: On Alice Walker's Possessing the Secret of Joy.” Black Imagination and the Middle Passage . Ed. Maria Diedrich, H.L...
Journal Article
Comparative Literature (2008) 60 (2): 164–185.
Published: 01 March 2008
... Practice.” Postcolonial Text [online] 3.2 (2007). http://journals.sfu.ca/ ____. Vernacular Palaver: Imaginations of the Local and Non-Native Languages in West Africa . Clevedon, UK: Multilingual Matters, 2004 . Ahmad, Sa'idu Babura. “From Orality to Mass Media: Hausa Literature in Northern...
Journal Article
Comparative Literature (2011) 63 (1): 64–85.
Published: 01 January 2011
...Melissa Tandiwe Myambo Exploring the relationship between capitalism and the discourse of multicultural democracy that animates the New South Africa's notion of itself as Rainbow Nation, this article attempts to understand why it is impossible for politically progressive postapartheid South African...
Journal Article
Comparative Literature (2020) 72 (3): 316–339.
Published: 01 September 2020
...Duncan M. Yoon Abstract The People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) presence in Africa has fundamentally changed globalization patterns. Most scholarship interrogates whether the Chinese presence is either a “new colonialism” or a “win-win” for development by focusing on economic or social scientific...
Journal Article
Comparative Literature (2017) 69 (3): 303–314.
Published: 01 September 2017
... Disparition and Abish's Alphabetical Africa , focusing on the alphabetical constraint that structures Abish's novel. It demonstrates how, in true Oulipian style, the constraint goes well beyond the ludic or arbitrary imposition of a structural rule and examines how, set against the backdrops of colonial...
Journal Article
Comparative Literature (2017) 69 (1): 16–24.
Published: 01 March 2017
... coastal form through a focus on the African Indian Ocean littoral and with reference to the oeuvres of Mia Couto and Abdulrazak Gurnah. Both are shown to muddle the inside-outside binary that delineates nations and continents, and which has been particularly stark in framing Africa in both imperial and...
Journal Article
Comparative Literature (2016) 68 (4): 389–407.
Published: 01 December 2016
...Alena Rettová A central discussion in African Philosophy concerns the “African concept of time,” famously theorized by John S. Mbiti. Mbiti makes a distinction between a circular and a linear concept of time, associating the former with Africa and the latter with the West. Critical of such...
Journal Article
Comparative Literature (2018) 70 (3): 264–277.
Published: 01 September 2018
... understanding of copyright hence requires a focus on the dockside politics of customs and how notions of copyright emerged from these practices. Taking southern Africa as a case study broadly representative of white settler colonies in the British Empire, the article explores the workings of customs and its...
Journal Article
Comparative Literature (2018) 70 (4): 426–443.
Published: 01 December 2018
... different kind of figure: a gardener who “just lives.” Between the guerrilla and the gardener, Coetzee elaborates an antinomy of justice not only in apartheid South Africa but inherent to the institutionalization of modern political life. Copyright © 2018 by University of Oregon 2018 apartheid South...
Journal Article
Comparative Literature (2009) 61 (2): 160–176.
Published: 01 March 2009
... Asia or Africa is in fact an important element of the longer history of which colonialism and postcolonialism are part. University of Oregon 2009 Michael Uebel. Ecstatic Transformation: On the Uses of Alterity in the Middle Ages . New York: Palgrave, 2005. David Wallace. Premodern...
Journal Article
Comparative Literature (2011) 63 (1): 47–63.
Published: 01 January 2011
... the audience in the same transitional space that South Africa is itself experiencing. Spatially, Molora forestalls both the universalizing impulse of tragedy and the monumentalizing impulse of reconciliation. Temporally, it provides neither the firm tragic telos nor the temporal conflations implied by...
Journal Article
Comparative Literature (2013) 65 (2): 200–219.
Published: 01 June 2013
... photograph itself as a means of disrupting photography's contingency and introducing indeterminacy into the black/white order of Africa, as well as the racial orders of Israel and Palestine. © 2013 by University of Oregon 2013 Works Cited “Contingency.” Oxford English Dictionary . 1989 . Web...
Journal Article
Comparative Literature (2014) 66 (1): 25–34.
Published: 01 March 2014
...Kerry Bystrom In part to reflect on a “practical turn” in recent comparative literary criticism, this essay asks what role(s) writing and reading literature can play in the provision of remedy for historical injustice. Specifically, it looks at the case of South Africa's democratic transition...
Journal Article
Comparative Literature (2004) 56 (3): 227–242.
Published: 01 June 2004
... Criminalization of the State in Africa . Oxford, England and Bloomington and Indianapolis: James Currey and Indiana University Press, 1999 . Beyala, Calixthe. Assèze l'Africaine . Paris: Albin Michel, 1994 . ____. Lettre d'une Africaine à ses soeurs occidentales . Paris: Spengler, 1995...
Journal Article
Comparative Literature (2020) 72 (4): 460–462.
Published: 01 December 2020
... part of Spain” (35). Calderwood focuses on the Diary of a Witness of the War in Africa by Pedro Antonio Alarcón, in which the author creates two voices: one Spanish, and one Moroccan, that both affirm Spain’s claim to sovereignty in Morocco. Alarcón is the first of a long series of Andalusian writers...
Journal Article
Comparative Literature (2017) 69 (1): 1–6.
Published: 01 March 2017
... Poppies . New York : Farrar, Strauss and Giroux , 2008 . Print . Goyal Yogita . “Introduction: Africa and the Black Atlantic.” Research in African Literatures 45 . 3 ( 2014 ): v - xxv . Print . Heller Charles Pezzani Lorenzo Studio Situ . “’The Left-to-Die Boat...
Journal Article
Comparative Literature (2017) 69 (3): 315–337.
Published: 01 September 2017
... Didier . Humanitarian Reason: A Moral History of the Present . Durham : Duke UP , 2012 . Print . Ferguson James . Expectations of Modernity: Myths and Meanings of Urban Life on the Zambian Copperbelt . Berkeley : U of California P , 1999 . Print . ———. Global Shadows: Africa in...
Journal Article
Comparative Literature (2006) 58 (4): 313–338.
Published: 01 September 2006
...;. Chance, Jane. Medieval Mythography 1, From Roman North Africa to the School of Chartres, A.D. 433-1177 and Medieval Mythography 2, From the School of Chartres to the Court of Avignon, 1177-1350 . Gainesville, FL: University Press of Florida, 1994, 2000 . Chaucer, Geoffrey. The Riverside Chaucer...
Journal Article
Comparative Literature (2019) 71 (4): 455–458.
Published: 01 December 2019
... France, Bengali cultural nationalism in Calcutta, and anticolonial movement building in Africa and the Caribbean. This impressively researched book extends the developing sense of modernism as a multicontinental phenomenon, taking place asynchronously amid different political landscapes, with different...