“Sysemics and Semiotic Informatics” offers a close reading of Derrida's use of Norbert Weiner's thought. Cybernetics is seen as a particular moment of resistance for deconstruction, as it is the encounter between a discourse of general systems, which includes even sign systems, versus a semiotic philosophy that would potentially circumscribe all discourses including discourse on systems. The cybernetic categories of matter/energy, information, and organization in forms of relative openness and closure are used to offer a counter-reading of Derrida's concepts of writing (gramme, arche-writing, the trace). At stake is the notion of “whole organization” that informs all systems thinking from Ludwig von Bertalanffy forward, a schema of contemporary techno-scientific thinking typically evaded by postmodern discourses, which offer instead tropes of “schizo-fracture” or “liquid fluidity” as a consequence of the anti-structuralist animus towards heuristics of meaning.

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