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Journal Article
Common Knowledge (2002) 8 (3): 496–515.
Published: 01 August 2002
...Aileen Kelly Duke University Press 2002 CK 8.3-07 Kelly 7/14/02 3:13 PM Page 496 HISTORICAL DIFFIDENCE A New Look at an Old Russian Debate Aileen Kelly We cannot remain in our present...
Journal Article
Common Knowledge (2020) 26 (3): 385–406.
Published: 01 August 2020
... Press 2020 Juan de Segovia Nicholas of Cusa Anselm of Turmeda Riccoldo de Montecroce Islamophilia Common Knowledge 26:3 DOI 10.1215/0961754X-8521495 © 2020 by Duke University Press 385 LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES ? Christian Islamophilia in the Middle Ages Anne Marie Wolf...
Journal Article
Common Knowledge (2016) 22 (1): 147–153.
Published: 01 January 2016
...Dmitry Golynko Copyright 2016 English translation Kevin M. Platt 2016 not for sale POETRY AND FICTION LOOKING AT THE AROUND Serial Poem, with an Introduction by the Author Dmitry Golynko Translated by Kevin M. F. Platt...
Journal Article
Common Knowledge (2010) 16 (3): 563–565.
Published: 01 August 2010
... (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009), 528 pp. Alan Macfarlane, Japan through the Looking Glass (London: Profile Books, 2007), 256 pp. Yuriko Saito, Everyday Aesthetics (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007), 273 pp. Alan Tansman, ed., The Culture of Japanese Fascism (Durham, NC...
Journal Article
Common Knowledge (2009) 15 (3): 324–330.
Published: 01 August 2009
..., and, ultimately, to achieve some kind of justice. Duke University Press 2009 columns NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR (AND -FIVE) A Brit Looks Back Aidan O’Neill “Smash the law. We want justice!” This is a slogan I remember seeing waved...
Journal Article
Common Knowledge (2010) 16 (1): 31–47.
Published: 01 January 2010
... polarization of quietism and activism. He shows that both Garrison and Brown were complex icons, neither of whom can be easily categorized as a quietist or activist. A careful look at the antislavery movement suggests, therefore, that pacifism and quietism are not synonymous. Moreover, a careful look at Brown...
Journal Article
Common Knowledge (2012) 18 (1): 79–85.
Published: 01 January 2012
... need is placed next to the one we are looking for) is illustrated through a specific example: the encounter with a forgotten tract dealing with some anomalous Bavarian witchcraft trials — a book that would have been very difficult (if not impossible) to come across anywhere but Warburg's Library. ©...
Journal Article
Common Knowledge (2008) 14 (1): 105–123.
Published: 01 January 2008
... and the concept of the masterpiece have narrowed musical thinking harmfully. We need to look back at the fruitful collegiality that existed between canonic and contemporary music in the early nineteenth century, involving as it did a wide array of composers and tastes not yet bound by rigid assumptions about...
Journal Article
Common Knowledge (2013) 19 (1): 111–130.
Published: 01 January 2013
....” This article concludes by asking and in part answering what the world looks like, what sort of human cognition and activity is most appropriate, in the absence of clear purposes, definite knowledge, and unambiguous facts. © 2013 by Duke University Press 2013...
Journal Article
Common Knowledge (2010) 16 (2): 311–330.
Published: 01 April 2010
... contrasting texts (by Comte-Sponville, Kant, Serres, and Lovelock) in tandem, this article explores what an “objective morality” would look like, and it considers how to compare the Kantian axiology with the actor-network theory's possible definition of a thing-oriented morality. Especially important...
Journal Article
Common Knowledge (2018) 24 (1): 8–25.
Published: 01 January 2018
... functions. While “Art, as Device” is in itself ambiguous, a look at Shklovsky’s reconsiderations renders matters still more complex, though arguably also more productive. Copyright © 2017 Duke University Press 2017 Viktor Shklovsky Russian Formalism ostranenie defamiliarization estrangement...
Journal Article
Common Knowledge (2018) 24 (2): 181–189.
Published: 01 April 2018
... is difficult but of inestimable value. Our best work is on the margins of sense. This conclusion is elaborated with a look at recent work in “philosophical anthropology” and “anthropological philosophy” associated with the so-called ontological turn in anthropology. Copyright © 2018 by Duke University Press...
Journal Article
Common Knowledge (2019) 25 (1-3): 285–291.
Published: 01 April 2019
...” (the book we need is placed next to the one we are looking for) is illustrated through a specific example: the encounter with a forgotten tract dealing with some anomalous Bavarian witchcraft trials — a book that would have been very difficult (if not impossible) to come across anywhere but Warburg’s...
Journal Article
Common Knowledge (2019) 25 (1-3): 384–400.
Published: 01 April 2019
... sometimes been more accommodating of difference than many independent nations—seem somewhat counterintuitive. . . . The history of Alex-andria invites us to look at how empire may provide an umbrella of common security for a range of cultures to coexist, and even at times intermingle.” Still, “the larger...
Journal Article
Common Knowledge (2020) 26 (1): 12–38.
Published: 01 January 2020
... as achievements of maturity and as a means of enlarging the self. Moreover, they all look to literature for figures that connect us to our preverbal selves and help to stimulate self-transformation. Artists—from Sophocles to Emerson, Melville, and (in the Cavellian reading of him) Freud—teach invaluable lessons...
Journal Article
Common Knowledge (2008) 14 (3): 434–444.
Published: 01 August 2008
... fertile period in poetry, with many talented poets and many potential directions that did not develop into dominant trends. Because literary history almost inevitably looks at dominant directions, it tends to pass over not only individual poets who don't quite fit, but also poetic kinds and directions...
Journal Article
Common Knowledge (2022) 28 (2): 216–223.
Published: 01 May 2022
... here, “he would have to look back on his biography from after death” — and in this piece he hauntingly does so. Explaining that he composed his first autobiography upon being expelled from university in Hungary after Stalin's death in 1953, he defines the process as “the main event in the ritual...
Journal Article
Common Knowledge (2011) 17 (1): 151–154.
Published: 01 January 2011
... vehicles of a hopeful environmental consciousness and activism. The interesting point of arrows in this context is that their protention can and must take into account both forward- and also backward-looking time, in order to fulfill their promise of finding their mark. The matter of their intended...
Journal Article
Common Knowledge (2011) 17 (1): 155–162.
Published: 01 January 2011
... would have to be metaphors; otherwise how could we forget them?) Finally, the essays asks: What is more natural than the agency of the one you see in the mirror, that steals your act of looking, but only to view itself ? Duke University Press 2011 Symposium...
Journal Article
Common Knowledge (2011) 17 (2): 363–370.
Published: 01 April 2011
...Chris Briggs What happens when a debtor does not pay back what he or she owes? As Margaret Atwood's chapter on “The Shadow Side” shows, the unpaid debt—in the broadest sense—is a recurring theme of history and literature. This review essay looks at the fourteenth-century village, a world which...